If you missed WWF's pay per view Unforgiven last Sunday, you didn't

miss too much.

After Vince McMahon announced he would give up his title to whoever won the

"Six Pack" match, the show was expected to be a classic. To add to the

fire, Vince told Stone Cold Steve Austin he could serve as special guest

referee. Many rumors have been floating around about McMahon playing a key

role in the outcome by turning "heel" again and helping HHH win back his

title. Whenever the British Bulldog is the deciding factor in the main

event, the match can't be a classic. I'm sorry.

After The Rock executed the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow, the most

electrifying move in sports entertainment, he was assaulted with a steel

chair by the Bulldog. This allowed HHH to become the two-time WWF Champion.

British Bulldog should not have been in the match in the first place and

definitely should not have been the person to decide the outcome. He's a

good wrestler but he doesn't fit in the category of The Rock, The Big Show,

Mankind or Kane. He belongs in the lower class with The Godfather,

Shamrock, Val Venis and D-Lo.

In other matches at Unforgiven, Chris Jericho was scheduled to fight

Ken Shamrock, but after Shamrock was taken out due to serious injuries,

X-Pac took over his duties. The WWF isn't going to let its Millennium Man

fall to the hands of the Degenerate just yet, and Jericho captured the


The return of the New Age Outlaws not only got a rise from the crowd but

also a rise out of Mankind and The Rock. Last Thursday night the Outlaws

stole back their precious belts and once again became tag team champs.

Sunday night on Unforgiven they put their belts on the line for the

first time against Edge and Christian. The New Age Outlaws proved that

they're the best tag team in WWF history and held onto their


Monday night's Raw was led off with HHH blabbering for hours about

how he's the best and how he hates the fans and how Stone Cold is who he's

after. The crowd knew that McMahon had promised Austin a title shot and

were hoping that this was the night. McMahon did issue a title match but

instead of Austin, The Rock was the competitor since he was screwed out of

it at Unforgiven. The fans weren't the least upset with the signing

of this match since The Rock is quickly growing into the fan favorite.

However, Stone Cold had a different plan in mind. He came down to ringside

and quickly called down Vince to join him. Once McMahon made it down to the

ring Austin lashed at him verbally, saying that he promised him a title

shot and he gave it away to The Rock. McMahon claimed that on Oct. 17 at

No Mercy, Austin would get his title shot. Austin threatened Vince to

keep his word. McMahon looked a little nervous. Could McMahon have

something planned?

When the show finally got to the main event between HHH and The Rock, Stone

Cold made his way down to commentate. With this being the forty-second time

these two superstars have faced off, it was sure to be a match for the

ages; and that it was. The match went from inside the ring to the penalty

box to on the announcers table.

After a verbal feud between HHH and Austin, Stone Cold couldn't take it

anymore and went in the ring and "stunned" HHH which immediately led to The

Rock's patented move, The Rock Bottom. With no energy left by either

competitor and the ref still knocked out, The Rock couldn't make the cover.

When he finally got the arm over HHH the ref took two and a half minutes to

count to two. The British Bulldog made his way in the ring and laid out The

Rock before he could get the final count and laid a beating on both men,

HHH and The Rock. Don't feel bad if you missed it because it wasn't too


In other matches, The New Age Outlaws held on to their belts again. D-Lo

held onto his European title and The Big Show and Jericho match ended in a

DQ. Chyna and Debra faced off against Miss Kitty and Jeff Jarrett. Chyna

got the pin on Jarrett which gave her a rematch at No Mercy against Jarrett

for the Intercontinental Title.

Rumor Mill- Jerry "The King" Lawler was arrested last week for running over

an officer's foot while issuing a citation on his van. First of all, why is

Lawler driving a van and secondly, why did he try to drive off from a

twenty dollar ticket? You're rich King and you're running for mayor! Don't

be dumb.

The firing of WCW president Eric Bischoff has completely turned around the

mediocre company. With a new life, WCW is resurging. Wait a second. WCW

still sucks and the firing of Bischoff didn't and isn't going to change

anything. My bad.