In the spirit of the beginning of the college football season nationwide,

EA Sports is introducing a National College Football Video Game tournament

across the country in selected colleges and universities.

The tournament tour will be visiting UT on Tuesday afternoon in the

University Center Ballroom at 3 p.m.

The game used for the tournament will be EA Sports' latest college football

creation, NCAA Football 2000 .

According to EA sports, the tournament is designed for brotherhood between

EA Sports, the NCAA, and the 64 schools hosting the tournament. It is

designed to generate excitement about the college football season and the

NCAA Football 2000 football game.

It will give students the chance to have fun and become eligible for an

array of prizes including t-shirts, video games and autographed college

football collectables.

Winners from the UT location will have a chance to compete on the national

level. The grand prize for the finalists is an all-expense paid trip to Las

Vegas including travel, lodging and tickets to the Las Vegas Bowl.

All students are welcome to participate and compete for the prizes while

enjoying the latest video game technology.