The University of Tennessee women's rowing team finished Day 2 of the

Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships strong on Sunday,

April 16, in Oak Ridge on Melton Hill Lake.

Again, conditions were good for the competition, which included 56 teams

from across the nation.

The Lady Vols claimed third place in the first race of the day, the

freshman/novice 4+ petite finals with a time of 8:31.20.

Heather Sedges served as coxswain and Tara Bowen, Jen Mason, Kate Kelsey

and Whitney Porter rowed their way to the third-place finish.

The second race of the day for UT was the freshman/novice 8+ petite finals,

and that shell claimed fifth place with a time of 7:35.70.

The third race for Tennessee was the junior varsity 8+ petite finals and

the Lady Vols finished in first place with a time of 7:20.80. The boat led

from start to finish, winning by an impressive 22.5 seconds over

second-place finisher Johns Hopkins.

Equally impressive was the fact that the JV 8+'s time was better than the

fifth- and sixth-place finishers in the grand finals.

Next up, the Lady Vols competed in the varsity 4+ petite finals and again

placed third (8:26.10). Tennessee just missed claiming second by a narrow

0.4 second differential.

Finally, the varsity 8+ boat took to the water and notched another first

place finish in a petite final. UT led all competitors in the race with a

7:03.3 clip.

"I am very proud of our team this weekend," said head rowing coach Lisa

Glenn. "We needed to go out and be a clear leader in our races, because we

could have been in the grand, not the petite finals in both the junior

varsity and varsity eights. We wanted to show that they should have been


The Lady Vols will travel to the Midwest Rowing Championships on Sat.,

April 22, in Madison, Wis. Then, on May 13 and 14, the University of

Tennessee will host Lexus Central Sprints in Oak Ridge.