MADISON, Wis. - The women's rowing team competed Saturday at the 2000

Midwest Rowing Championships on Lake Wingra in Madison, Wis., turning in

some good performances on the water.

Conditions were good under sunny skies with light, variable winds and

temperatures in the mid-sixties. The Lady Vols took three boats to

Wisconsin, including the varsity 4+, the second varsity 8+ and the varsity

8+. Tennessee would hit the course first in the 4+ at 9:24 a.m. for its

heat versus St. Cloud, Marquette, Wisconsin A, Creighton and Grand Valley


The Lady Vols would eventually finish in fifth position with a time of

7:38.94, which landed them in the petite final later in the afternoon.

The second varsity 8+ would be next to race at 3:12 p.m., and UT finished

in sixth place (6:34.23) in the final, just two seconds behind fifth-place

finisher Kansas. The oars were manned by Kelly Kraiss, Dawn Ware, Debbie

Zmistowski, Grace Harrington, Sara Stout, Nicole Small, Joyce Kranzke and

Kristen Logan.

Erika Twedt coxed the shell to the sixth-place finish.

After qualifying for the petite finals, the varsity 4+ took top , winning

the race with a clocking of 7:14.23. Tina Mazzolini guided the squad of

rowers Heather Lewis, Kay Logan, Ashley Smith and Amber Williams to the

petite victory.

Finally, in the premier women's race of the day, Tennessee went

head-to-head with squads from Wisconsin, Tulsa, Texas, Notre Dame, Kansas

and Kansas State in the varsity 8+.

The team, lead by coxswain Shannon McMahon, took sixth place (6:27.45) in

the race, and was powered by Ginny Bradley, Michele Moore, Megan Reinhart,

Kacey Montgomery, Lauren Kueck, Kim Walsh, Erin Moore and Tammy


Next up for the Lady Vols is the Lexus Central Sprints in Oak Ridge, Tenn.,

on May 13-14.