Lisa Glenn and the University of Tennessee rowing team had another successful day on the water as they competed in the Indiana Cup.
The Lady Vols had five boats race on the waters of Lake Lemon and were looking to take the Indiana Cup back to Tennessee as they faced off against Hoosier state schools: Indiana, Notre Dame and Purdue.
Racing together for the first time, the Varsity 4+ tandem of Lizzie Brown, Sarah Long, Natalie Fecher, Katie Zajac and Mary Gruzalski crossed the finish line in a time of 7:56.90. Their time was nearly 20 seconds faster than second-place Notre Dame, who h
ad defeated UT back on March 17 in front of Tennessee's new boathouse. Indiana finished in third in a time of 8:29.44.
The Varsity 8+ also showed an improvement against the Fighting Irish squad that had defeated them earlier. Back on St. Patrick's Day, the grouping of Erika Twedt, Lauren Kueck, Kristen Logan, Ashley Smith, Kacey Montgomery, Kelly Kraiss, Grace Harrington,
Ginny Bradley and Lindsay Sagar finished behind Notre Dame by more than 15 seconds, but today made a five-second improvement to cross the line in second in a time of 6:42.53.
The second Varsity 8+ team comprised of Shannon McMahon, Erin Moore, Claire Newton, Joyce Kranzke, Kay Logan, Davida Lopez, Mackenzie Earle, Sally BeVille and Kelly Hotaling also made up time on Notre Dame finishing at a clip of 6:58.88, but still finishe
d in second defeating the Irish's 3rd Varsity 8+ squad and a shell from Purdue.
Tennessee's second Novice 8+ squad of Lawrie Nicholson, Lindsay Ashton, Stacey Brown, Laci Catron, Whitney Bailey, Diana Bundy, Keri Meslar, Kristin Cooper and Andrea Butt finished their race in third in a time of 7:47.21. The Novice 8+ grouping of Erin A
rtz, Amy McIntosh, Nikki Bold, Rachael Gammon, Kathryn McKissick, Michelle Higdon, Abby Tucker, Claire Hennesy and Mary Beth Lewis passed the finish line in last in a time of 7:19.26.