Gamecocks Deliver Message
The South Carolina Gamecocks intend to prove this season that they were no fluke. They want to deliver a message that last year was just the first step towards bigger things.
South Carolina fans spent the off-season setting lofty goals for this team.
Ten victories. Sweeping the "Orange Crush" (Tennessee, Florida, and Clemson). SEC Championship. And maybe even a Sears Trophy.
Meanwhile the rest of the SEC spent their respective off-seasons preparing for the Cocks. They would not have the element of surprise in their back pocket this season.
This season, people know what to expect from the 'Cocks, but it has not made one bit of a difference.
The Gamecocks have sent their message loud and clear in the first two games with two impressive victories: at Georgia and at Mississippi State.
In last week's victory over Mississippi State, the 'Cocks dominated the line of scrimmage to the tune of 238 rushing yards against Joe Lee Dunn's vaunted Bulldog defense.
"The holes were incredible," fullback Andrew Pinnock said after the MSU game. "You could drive a Mack truck through it."

Cats Struggle on Offense
Kentucky's once revered pass-happy offense is getting progressively worse on paper, but head coach Guy Morriss is not ready to push the panic button. He insists his offense is on the verge of breaking out, even after scoring only 10 points in a loss to
Florida last Saturday.
"It's taken a little longer than we thought it would, but I really think so," Morriss said. "The kids are certainly giving us the effort, no question about that."
Morriss also said that his offense, that has scored a mere five touchdowns in three games, is lacking just a little execution. He pointed out that several plays in the Florida game were just a step away from touchdowns, and that would be the main discussi
on topic in the film session this week.
"I think after the kids see the opportunities that were there, I don't think their will be any doubts (about the offense)," Morriss said.
Despite the rough start, Morriss said he is sticking with redshirt freshman Shane Boyd, who threw for 203 yards and a touchdown last week. Boyd, who replaced incumbent starter Jared Lorenzen, also picked up 40 yards on the ground.
Morriss said that harnessing Boyd's strong arm would be a necessity.
"He's so confident in his arm strength that he tries to drill everything in there instead of putting some air under it and letting us get to it," Morriss said. "He's just got to work on taking the throws the defense gives us."
On a positive note, the Wildcat's traditionally matador-style defense managed to hold the Gators to 16 points until late in the third quarter.

- compiled by Wesley Rucker