It looks like another year of college football has been levied upon us, and that means the experts who reside in la oficia de Daily Beacon are poised to show the readers how little they know with the weekly picks.
And this season, in order to completely embarrass us sportswriters, we've decided to simulate the games for each week with EA Sports NCAA Football 2003 on Playstation 2.
Since most of you spend the majority of your time in which you should be taking notes either reading the Beacon or playing Playstation, we thought this was quite appropriate.
o Fresno State at No. 25 Wisconsin (Friday, Aug. 23 - 8 p.m. ESPN)
With David Carr now the pride of Houston, Texas, the Bulldogs are hoping their first season with Jeff Grady as signal-caller won't be a step backward from an 11-3 campaign in 2001.
It might not help that they open the season against a talented, 25th-ranked group of Badgers from Wisconsin.
Giving some confidence to what could be a shaky Fresno State team will be the fresh memory of last season's 32-20 victory over the Badgers in Wisconsin.
But you know what they say about beating a good team twice in a row ...
Wisconsin 31 Fresno State 27
o Texas Tech at No. 13 Ohio State (Saturday, Aug. 24 - 2:30 p.m. ABC)
It's the Bobby Knight Bowl, and Indiana's surely involved somehow.
The former beloved Hoosier basketball coach (now at Texas Tech) earned his diploma at Ohio State. Apparently, the guy just loves red.
So while the fight over Knight's support has spilled onto the football field, Tech will surprise a few people this weekend.
Red Raider quarterback Kliff Kingsbury isn't getting mentioned too much with all the great QBs across the nation, but he's the kind of guy Steve Spurrier would sell his golf clubs for.
Raiders run up and down the field; Buckeyes run into a wall.
Texas Tech 24 Ohio State 21
o New Mexico at N.C. State (Aug. 24 - 4:30 p.m. Fox Sports South)
Now here's a team that can beat Florida State.
N.C. State took out the Seminoles 34-28 in a huge win for the program. They also lost to Georgia Tech, but consistency should come with time.
New Mexico has averaged just over four wins per season since 1997, and this won't be the first for this year.
N.C. State 41 New Mexico 14
o Arizona State at No. 10 Nebraska (Aug. 24 - 7:45 p.m. ESPN)
The Cornhuskers may be in a bit of a down year, but it's not nearly down enough to lose to the Sun Devils.
Arizona State gave up a whopping 39 points per game last season, so their defense couldn't possibly be any worse.
The 'Husker faithful are going to be watching new quarterback Jammal Lord, the man replacing Heisman Trophy-winner Eric Crouch.
The Sun Devils have little chance of stopping the Nebraska offense.
Nebraska 34 Arizona State 17
o No. 3 Florida State vs. Iowa State (Aug. 24 - 8:30 p.m. Fox Sports Net)
You can throw out the records when the Seminoles and Cyclones get together.
Of course, that's only because Florida State is the top football program of the past 20 years or so, while Iowa State is, well, let's just say they're still building a tradition.
Seminole quarterback Chris Rix will throw more passes in this game than anyone, anywhere, ever.
Florida State 38 Iowa State 6
o Arkansas State at No. 16 Virginia Tech (Sunday, Aug. 25 - 2:30 p.m. Comcast)
If Arkansas State beats the Hokies, watch for a point-shaving scandal to break out.
Tech has all-Big East running back Lee Suggs and many other players who the Indians would probably arrange a conference with the devil to acquire.
Virginia Tech 48 Arkansas State 7