Just when Kentucky fans were starting to feel a little better about themselves with a few wins, they're brought crashing back down.
The NCAA upheld Tuesday a one-year postseason ban on the Wildcat football program after the infractions appeals committee heard Kentucky's appeal.
Kentucky appealed the ban in February, saying the penalty levied against them was too strict because it didn't give the team a clear competitive advantage (i.e. they didn't win).
The committee ruled that Kentucky had enjoyed a "significant and protracted recruiting advantage'' as a result of the violations.
They added, "'Recruiting advantage' also encompasses obtaining an enhanced reputation for the institution based on favorable communications between recruited prospects and future recruits.
"We conclude Kentucky construes the term 'recruiting advantage' too narrowly in its argument.''
And now, with the 'Cats looking like that bowl ban might actually keep them from postseason play, rather than something like last year's 2-9 record, this upholding of the ban is even more important.

And again from the "It's not fair" file, Alabama received the same treatment from the NCAA, with the appeals committee also upholding the sanctions against the Tide on Tuesday.
Those sanctions included a six-scholarship reduction, in addition to a self-imposed reduction of 15 scholarships, for the storied SEC program and made them ineligible for a bowl for two seasons.
The university claimed the punishment was unfair and, in a bout of self-glorification that would make UT's Kelley Washington's face turn crimson, called themselves "a blameless, indeed exemplary, institution."
They also said a witness unknown to the university was used during the appeal process, which hurt the Tide during the process.

With just four days to practice for a Thursday night matchup with Mississippi State, the Tigers practiced on Monday, which is normally a day off for the players.
And, though his team is about to finish up a span of four games in 18 days, coach Tommy Tuberville said the players have the right attitude.
"It was a good practice," Tuberville said. "We had everybody practice except for (defensive end) Reggie Torbor. He participated in team drills so he will be able to play. We're trying to work him in slowly. Everybody else is ready and healthy.
"We practiced under the lights tonight. We haven't played a game under the lights. We worked on our timing. We'll do about the same thing tomorrow. The players were in good spirits. I think a lot of that had to do with the cooler weather. We're looking forward to our second conference game."
-compiled by Jeff Haws