Punter Craig Hentrich has not re-signed, but the Titans tagged him as their transition player. The Titans released center Gennaro DiNapoli but re-signed veteran Tom Ackerman to compete for that job.
The Titans have used the draft very successfully under Reese, most notably in the 2000 Super Bowl when 17 of 22 starters were draft picks.
Reese has found at least two starters in each season since 1994 with the exception of 2001. That year he got only one starter but traded his top pick for defensive end Kevin Carter.
With Smith slated to start, Reese nabbed no fewer than three eventual starters between 1997 and 2000. And three rookies - defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, safety Tank Williams and defensive end Carlos Hall - started last season.
Reese said the Titans need to change 10-12 positions a year to stay healthy and alive. The Titans got younger in 2002 from 2001 and still reached the title game, which he called a good operation so far.
"You're continuing to bring in good players and still continuing to win games," Reese said. "If we can do that again .... Of course, this year, we hope we're even better."