I have to agree with the student body on this issue. It makes sense.
Student athletes have the poise and team work skills to make an effective SGA. Students in the past have taken notice but have never seemed to garner enough support to get a student athlete elected to a major position. Even Peyton Manning only got 37 write-in votes in 1994.
This past year, however, UT decathlete Stephen Harris served as a member of the Student Senate for Andy Holt. So there is documentation that student athletes can and do serve as effective leaders.
Still not convinced? Well, then let me evaluate each of the candidates.
o Elgrace Wilborn
'Grace racked up the most variety of votes, with one vote for SGA president and one for the Board of Trustees student position. Obviously students took notice of Wilborn's superb shot blocking ability - a necessary trait of all SGA presidents. (VP Ben Sanders averaged seven blocks and four assists in SGA meetings last year.)
If you look at this season's statistics, the sophomore from Springfield, Ohio, led Tennessee with 45 blocks. Clearly students want a leader who isn't going to take any guff from administration and the Board of Trustees.
Can't you imagine President John W. Shumaker telling 'Grace the university will receive a tuition hike? I'll give you a second to picture the scene in Shumaker's office.
"Shumaker brings the hike down the court, penetrates, throws up a kiss off the glass and then Wilborn smacks it into the stands."
The southpaw has a recorded 44-inch vertical leap - that's taller than SGA vice president-elect M.G. Bailey. So clearly, no issue will stand in his way. He will either send it into the fourth row or just jump over it.
o Stanley Asumnu
Stanley received one vote for a student commuter seat on the SGA Student Senate.
While Asumnu's position doesn't seem to fit (he lives on campus), his role in SGA is clear.
Who else would you rather have fighting the injustices of campus littering and student parking? When President Wilborn needs a second on his ever important bill to increase the number of SGA signs on campus, Asumnu will be there off the bench to contribute.
And chicks did the Afro. 'Nuff said.
o Casey Clausen
If there's a candidate that doesn't need further explanation, it's "The Ice Man," who received one vote for a commuter position.
Clausen is already a team captain and would use his octopus-like pocket maneuverability to dodge the unfairness of administrative decisions.
The California native would probably bring some unique ideas to table, too, like surfer day or maybe even "Top Gun" day. Maybe I could be Maverick.
Clausen: "You can be my wingman any day."
Me: "Bulls ... you can be mine."
o Jomo Fagan
No really, who voted for this guy? No, seriously ... Jomo? The receiver? This pick is about as obscure as Syracuse winning the NCAA tournament - that would never happen.
Next time you have trouble getting into a class or don't feel safe walking across campus, remember there are some students out there fighting for you. Not these guys of course, because they'll be busy practicing. But imagine if they could fight. It would get ugly.

- Glenn LaFollette is government editor for The Daily Beacon and a staff writer on the sports desk. He can be reached at goober@utk.edu.