I have a mission for every sports enthusiast on this campus. And seeing that you're reading this thrilling "Welcome Back" issue, I'm going to go ahead and count you in.
I've compiled a list of things you really should consider doing before graduation sneaks up on you. Take to heart just half of my recommendations and you'll have the time of your life:
o Sit behind the student hecklers at Lindsey Nelson Stadium - I don't really need to tell you their location. They're not hard to find.
o Join your new friends and boo the cow race in rightfield - I've said it before and I'll say it again ... the single-worst between-innings promotion in baseball history.
o Storm the basketball court after an upset - Don't mind the millionaire club hanging out at courtside. They're sitting in your seats anyway.
o Appear on the JumboTron - Bonus points for appearing on Kiss Cam. Unless, of course, you curl up in your seat and don't take advantage of the opportunity at hand.
o Taunt rival football fans from the outdoor area of O'Charley's - You know you wanna make it into the Crime Log.
o Take a football road trip - This is a must, and if you go once, it's not possible you won't go again. Friends, Combos and Red Bull are prerequisites. Tickets are not.
o Take a road trip to Kentucky's Rupp Arena - Again, you'll want to keep going back. Especially if you spot UK superfan Ashley Judd.
o Get your picture taken with as many opposing mascots as possible - And definite bonus points for living ones, like Uga down in Athens. Watch out, though. The damn thing bites.
o Get thrown out of a game by security - You'll be a hit with the friends.
o Celebrate in Fort Sanders after a big football win - Go by each party and yell out, 'How bout 'dem Vols!' Who cares if you don't know the owners - you're in.
o Eat at Gibbs - Spring for a lunch at the jock dorm every once in awhile. And don't pay attention to the steep prices. Only a gluttonous few in UT history have ever run out of Bonus Bucks.
o Don't eat the nachos at Neyland - Just don't.
o Find a tailgating spot and keep it - You and your buddies find one spot and go back to it every week. And if some Class of '46 alumnus tries to lay a claim to the area, tell 'em you live here.
o Take a minute to closely examine the actual words to "Rocky Top" - All kinds of fun stuff going on there.
o Go to a Lady Vols-Connecticut game - UConn head coach Geno Auriemma doesn't like you. Just thought I'd let you know.
o Take full advantage of the new Student Rec Center - Don't wait until the end of this column. Go. Now.
o Soak in a football game sober - It's a lot easier to enjoy when you're not trying to figure out why there are two No. 1717s on the same team.
o Try supporting each sport on this campus at least once - Seriously folks, those athletes deserve your occasional appearance. And it's free. For God's sake, when do we students ever turn down anything that's free?
o Stand up at a men's basketball game - And I don't mean until the first timeout. You sit in class. You stand at the game. It's simple.
o Go to ESPN College Gameday - Be as creative as you want with the signs. 'Corso sucks' is an oldie but goodie.
o Stand in a long line to get tickets to a big football game - You might be cold. You might be hungry. You might be missing a quiz. But when that annoying guy who claims he's been there since Tuesday gets Section FF, you'll know it was all worth it.

- Brett Edgerton is a senior in journalism. He can be reached at bedgerto@utk.edu.