And zero Heisman Trophy winners.
What? Zero Heisman Trophy winners?
That's right - Johnny Majors, Heath Shuler, and Peyton Manning have all been left standing at the altar in New York City, runners up for college football's most prestigious trophy.
This year it'll all be different, though.
This year, with our help, Tennessee will finally get its long overdue Heisman Trophy.
But which Vol will go to New York to collect the hardware?
Well, here at UT we should think outside the box and rebel against Heisman tradition.
And that's why I'm backing Tennessee's all-purpose extraordinaire, Mark Jones.
What? Huh? Who?
Don't laugh.
You might not know a lot about him now, but you will once our campaign hits full stride and Jones takes the field.
The guy is the perfect candidate.
He's all over the field. Offense, defense, special teams - he does it all.
You think UT quarterback Casey Clausen hasn't noticed?
Over and over again throughout the spring and summer, Clausen has said Jones could be the legitimate deep threat the Vols were so desperate for last year.
"I've been pushing for Mark for awhile now," he said at last Wednesday's Media Day. "He came in as a highly recruited receiver, and we know what type of athlete he is.
"He showed in the spring, obviously he's a guy that can make plays. He can make things happen when he touches the football."
Over the past three years, he has proven himself as a fierce hitter and a key weapon on John Chavis' defensive unit, recording 96 tackles and a pair of interceptions.
Secondary coach Larry Slade said Jones would be counted on as a starter in UT's dime package.
And he's also a key player when it comes to special teams.
I'm sure you remember Jones sprinting 82 yards for a touchdown on a kickoff return against Alabama last year. Expect to see more of the same this year, as he's projected to be one of UT's leading punt returners.
You want more proof, though?
Well, he torched the White team's secondary for 152 yards and two touchdowns in the spring game.
I know, I know ... it was only the spring game. But can't we dream a little?
OK, now this is about the time you're thinking, 'surely this kid is joking, or he's down right crazy.'
And yes, I understand the reaction. I fully realize Jones is a longshot - a real longshot.
Heisman voters love a good dark horse candidate, though. Remember Charles Woodson in 1997?
Of course you do - he stole our Heisman.
Don't they owe us some sort of compensation for that thievery?
And what better way for them to mend fences with Tennessee fans than to reward Jones with the Heisman Trophy at the end of the season?
We know from past history that this award is all about hype.
So if we know Jones will get it done on the field, the real question is whether we will get it done off the field.
I'm telling you - together we can make this happen.
As chairman of the "Jones for Heisman" campaign, let me worry about the anonymous phone calls to Lee Corso and Beano Cook, and the unveiling of the 100-foot-tall Mark Jones sign on the First Tennessee building (sorry, couldn't afford Times Square).
I can't do this alone, though. A campaign staff is needed.
So I challenge all my fellow students out there to come up with catchy slogans for our buttons and signs and that'll be the start of our grassroots campaign.
I can see it now.
The bandwagon will fill up and start rolling, and the Heisman voters won't even know what hit 'em.
Oh, but they'll know soon enough, my friends.
We'll leave a Mark.

Jeff Swartz is a senior in marketing. He can be reached at