After winning The Daily Beacon's "Pigskin Picks" in the fall, I could have retired unbeaten in Beacon picks competitions.
But I'm throwing my undefeated keister back on the line, as Rucker and I are going head to head with our Sweet 16 picks the next two days.
How will I win?
Well, as the Keg Party's presidential candidate, he's spent countless hours during this monumental campaign week ... drinking.
And I refuse to lose to a drunk.
o No. 1 Kentucky vs. No. 5 Wisconsin - Midwest Region
If it wasn't for fact that Kentucky will probably go on at least two 10-0 runs, this might be the most boring Sweet 16 game since the introduction of the shot clock.
Not to take anything away from these two teams. Kentucky is the best team in the country, and Wisconsin is probably the second best defensive group in the field - next to the "Suffo-cats."
I would rather watch "Wings" re-runs, however, than Wisconsin basketball.
Kentucky 72, Wisconsin 53
o No. 2 Pittsburgh vs. No. 3 Marquette - Midwest Region
Pittsburgh does not have what it takes to be a Final Four team ... Pittsburgh does not have what it takes to be a Final Four team.
(If I keep telling myself this, it has to be true, right?)
I have been down on Pitt all year, and a couple of impressive wins in the first two rounds is close to turning my opinion around ... close.
The Panthers - in particular point guard Brandin Knight - have been inconsistent away from home all year, and they played well last game.
Super soph Travis Diener continues his unstoppable 3-point barrage, and Marquette sneaks into the next round of "Who's going to lose to Kentucky?"
Marquette 83, Pitt 79
o No. 1 Arizona vs. No. 5 Notre Dame - West Region
Notre Dame does not have what it takes to be a Final Four team ... Notre Dame does not have what it takes to be a Final Four team.
I promise I'm not anti-Big East, as my picks will show tomorrow, but just like the Panthers, I continue to be unimpressed by the Irish.
In addition to participating in the worst second half I've witnessed in the NCAA tournament (the unbearable final 20 minutes of their 68-60 win over Illinois), Chris Thomas has shown too much arrogance this year. He has a right to be cocky, but not that cocky.
The Cats' guards keep Thomas and Matt Carroll under control and roll into the Elite Eight.
Arizona 80, Notre Dame 67
o No. 2 Kansas vs. No. 3 Duke - West Region
If you consider yourself a sports fan, DO NOT miss this game.
Skip work. Don't study. Lock your significant other out of your apartment.
I put a big star by this game when the brackets were released, and that was before I knew how well both teams would play in the Round of 32.
These two teams are playing better than anyone in the tournament right now ... even Kentucky. And the winner of this game is going to beat Arizona and go to the Final Four.
Which team goes on to play 'Zona will come down to a couple of x-factors on the Duke side. Is J.J. Redick hitting 3's? Can forwards Shelden Williams and Casey Sanders stay out of foul trouble?
When Redick knocks down his patented 30-foot jumper, Duke is unbeatable. When Nick Collison frustrates the opposition's post players, Kansas is almost unbeatable.
I wish both teams could move on, but Redick's a freshman and has to be due for an off-game. But it will still be an instant classic.
Kansas 77, Duke 75

-Tim "Rocket" Vacek is sports editor of The Daily Beacon. He can be reached at