Move over, Soren Sorensen - one spot to the right to be exact.
For the first time all year, you're not in the first-place slot on our panel. And for the first time in my life, I'm happy to be on the far left.
I'm not going to gloat about it, though.
No, I'll give that job to my computer calculations-using pal from the physics department:
"In this epic battle of man vs. machine, human speculation vs. computer calculation," Sorensen wrote in a recent e-mail, "the last few weeks have definitely come down on the side of man and human speculation."
Celebrate, my fellow man.
With the power of our human speculation, we're slowly slaying that rising Danish machine that threatens our very existence.
Or something like that.
I must admit this puts me in an awkward position, though. After taking away first place from Agent Sorensen and his computer programmed-picks, I've gotten greedy and want to remain atop the standings.
Recognizing the recent rise of the humans on this panel, I've decided a couple of the groups will just have to go to the dogs this weekend.
Screw my fellow humans. I want to win.
Last week's student picker, Jon Salge, went 5-1 and kept the student body within striking distance. The guy picked Florida and Virginia Tech - human speculation at its best.
And I can't have that happen again.
That's where Smokey comes in. He'll be picking for you guys this week.
Now there's no reason to worry ... this Smokey is at least half-human.
His name is Benji Grey - a UT student who hangs out with the cheerleaders and wears a dog suit during UT athletic events.
And it's not that stupid Junior Smokey who bugs you at basketball games.
It's the real one.
Don't think I didn't do my research, though. Turns out your beloved Smokey is a French major.
And really, how hard could beating a French major be?
As for poor little ESPN, "expert" Ivan Maisel went 3-3 last week and kept the Bristol crew in dead last. Too bad, really.
But I have no mercy.
They're getting a dog, too - and this one's not even going to be half-human.
No, Grease is all canine. He's the six-month-old Pomeranian of Brad Edwards, ESPN's expert on all things BCS.
But again, don't think I didn't do my research. You can be assured I knew Grease would never pick against his fellow 'Dogs at Mississippi State.
Loyalty bites for the ESPNers.

As for loyalty to my fellow students ...
Tennessee at Miami: Let's think about this prediction for a minute. The 'Canes are still fuming over their showing at Virginia Tech, are still riding a four-year home winning streak, are still very much in the national title hunt and are still pretty darn good. OK, so maybe you don't need a minute.
Prediction: Miami, 27-17
Michigan St. at Ohio State: Although part of me is horrified by the thought, another part of me wants the Suckeyes to run the table, benefit from a few upsets and then sneak into the national title game through the bottom of the back door. Then we could all laugh as they desperately try to sneak into Oklahoma territory.
Prediction: Ohio St., 31-20
Ole Miss at Auburn: Before the season, if someone had said the Rebs would be the 5-0 conference team heading into this matchup, they'd have been called crazy. Before this matchup, if someone predicts the Rebs to win a key game in November, they are crazy.
Prediction: Auburn, 27-23
Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh: During last week's wipeout of Miami, Tech wide receivers caught two passes. How small a number is that? Well, the Tech defensive backs caught three. I don't know what that has to do with this game, but just thought I'd share.
Prediction: Va. Tech, 24-17
Texas at Oklahoma State: I used the common opponent method to pick this one. Very simple. The Cowboys lost to Oklahoma by a whopping 43 points, while the Longhorns kept the OU game close for much of the first quarter and lost by a mere 42. Easy pick.
Prediction: Texas, 34-31
Alabama at Mississippi State: With NCAA investigators sniffing all around Starkville, the Crimson Tide have been gracious enough to take time out of their losing schedule to come to town and provide the Bullies with helpful tips on surviving probation. 'Bama's first tip? Hire Mike Shula. The exact wording will be, "No, seriously - hire Mike Shula."
Prediction: 'Bama, 30-17

- Brett Edgerton is sports editor of the Daily Beacon and a senior in journalism. He can be reached at