Females make up half this country's population, so they're going to make up half this week's picks panel.
A noble gesture toward the women's rights movement? A wonderful showcase of equality? A salute to all the football-lovin' females out there?
Um, not exactly.
The guys on the panel just suck.
Or at least the non-Danish ones.
No, we're not terrible. The Prez and the all-male ESPNers are in last place and they're still a respectable 23-13.
The unflappable Great Dane still hovers over all of us, though.
He's a genius. He's a machine.
He needs to be stopped.
And this is no job for a man. Obviously.
So we're giving Rita the Librarian some company.
Enter Jennifer Tate and Kirsten Jeppesen.
Tate the Student knows quite a bit about football. Jeppesen the ESPNer ... well, she's watched a lot of games.
We tracked down Jeppesen as she was touring the stadium with the ESPN2 primetime college football crew.
She's an operations assistant who got her start making the X-Games run correctly and now does the same at football stadiums around the country. Hey, she even ran the first-down, yellow line thingy last year.
But even though the Jepper said she's recently grown to like football, she's never picked games before and admitted she has no idea what she's doing.
I assured her that she'll fit right in.
Tate, on the other hand, is bordering on being a pigskin pro. As a junior in the Pride of the Southland Band, the English/creative writing major has seen every UT football game since the start of the 2001 season.
In addition to displaying a hatred toward our friends from Athens - "to put it nicely," she said, "they're egotistical and mean" - she's also not backing down to our friends from the male species.
"I would love to put the other male pickers to shame," she said.

Well, Jennifer, I'm here to do my part ...
o Georgia at Tennessee: The red shirts are coming! The red shirts are coming! Yes, UT students ... the annoying, barking, chugging, red-polo-shirt-wearing UGA greeks, the fratiest of all frat boys, are heading to a kegger near you. Get excited.
Prediction: UT, 24-23
o Miami at Florida State: Earlier in the week, Hurricanes' tight end Kellen Winslow said he couldn't be covered one-on-one. But Kellen, can the Seminoles cover that seven-point spread? "It doesn't matter," he observed. "The points are for the mob and for the bettors." The ever-humble Winslow added that if Miami plays solidly, "it won't even be a game." My God, how much are the South Florida sportswriters paying for this guy?
Prediction: Winslow and Co., 24-21
o Auburn at Arkansas: Oh, so this is what The Sporting News was talking about. Apparently the Tigers do have a running game. Apparently they do have some hosses up front. Apparently they do have a clue.
Prediction: War Eagle, 21-17
o Nebraska at Missouri: I was tempted to pick an upset here, because I think the 'Huskers are one of the worst No. 7 teams in the history of college football. But then I remembered Mizzou was one of the worst top 25 teams in the history of college football a few weeks ago. Oh, and they were pushed to overtime by MTSU. Yikes
Prediction: Nebraska by default, 31-27
o Ohio State at Wisconsin: There's a running joke in Columbus these days. It goes a little like this...the Buckeyes, the Luckiest Show on Earth, have won 19 straight games. My goodness, my friends - what a joke.
Prediction: Whoever is playing Ohio St., 27-24
o Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas): Speaking of jokes, here come those Hype 'Em Horns again. And yes, I know they've finally rid themselves of Christy Simms, a bigwinaphobic if there ever was one. But Texas fans don't actually think they should win this one, right? After all, Mack Brown is still around and he hasn't won a big game since ... wait, don't tell me ... since ... OK, give me a hint ... since ... seriously, help ... um, since ... uuuum ...
Prediction: OU need to ask? Let's go with 37-20.

- Brett Edgerton is a senior in journalism and is sports editor of the Daily Beacon. He can be reached at fromtheedge@utk.edu