Like everyone else, the picks panelists are going to lounge back and enjoy Fall Break.
The UT football team was off last weekend. So we're going to take our break this weekend.
Some of us need the time off more than others ... (cough) Soren (cough) (cough).
That's right, boys and girls.
The Great Dane is human.
For the first time all year, he picked football games like the good little physics professor that he is - one win ... five losses.
It's not like most of the other panelists took advantage of Soren's troubles, though.
Rita the Librarian? 2-4. The students? 2-4. The Prez? 2-4. The ESPNers? Take a wild guess.
Something got into this one guy, though. He picked Miami to win in Tallahassee. He picked Auburn to win in Fayetteville.
And he predicted the Buckeyes would turn back into the Suckeyes.
4-2 on the toughest pickin' weekend of the year?
What a smart one that guy is.
Until next week, of course ...

- Brett Edgerton