We asked our most famous pigskin picker of the week, sportswriting god and UT alum Gene Wojciechowski, to analyze tomorrow's showdown at the Swamp.
Here's his assessment...
The good news is that Tennessee has had two weeks off to prepare for the Gators, and there's no way the Vols can play worse than they did during the first half of last season's game. . . right? Plus, there's no rain in the Gainesville weather forecast.
UT got a small glimpse of what to expect from Florida, thanks to the game against Marshall. Except that Florida has better and faster players.
What's left of my brain (one too many keggers) tells me to take Florida (home game. . . scoring lots of points, etc.), but my heart says Tennessee IF the Vols can set the pace of the game with their running attack, and rattle Florida's younger players, such as Wynn, Leak and Martin.
Miami couldn't do it - at least, not until near game's end - but I think John Chavis has had plenty of time to figure out a few weaknesses to exploit.
Tennessee 35, Florida 31.