If you take a look around, you can tell that springtime is among us now.
So, with that in mind, I think this would be a good time to do one of those popular top 10 lists that David Letterman does.
But since I can't really think of 10 synonymous things all dealing with spring and the Volunteer State, I'll just give you "Five Signs of Springtime in Tennessee."
No. 5: It feels like a human incubator in all buildings, especially Clement Hall, Ayers, and Humanities.
I know that SGA elections are over, but someone should have put this issue on their platform. In the fall, it's freezing in the residence halls and classrooms, and in the spring it feels like we're sitting on a barbecue grill.
And if someone at the Physical Plant (wherever that place is) is reading this, turn down the heat ... I'm black enough.
No. 4: The Lady Vols advance deep into the women's NCAA basketball tournament
Each year, it's a given; the Lady Vols reach the Final Four (now what they do once they get there is another issue). With as much parity as there is in women's college basketball today, the Lady Vols' feat of eight Final Four appearances in 10 years is impressive.
Witnessing the Lady Vols last two games though, one shouldn't take their dominance for granted. The last two games have shown us that the Stanfords and Baylors of the world are gaining ground on the beloved Lady Vols.
Don't expect for this Final Four trend to end with a heralded recruiting class headed into Knoxvegas.
No. 3: The men's basketball team advance DEEP into their spring hibernation
Once upon a time, I would see Jemere, Crump and a number of the basketball team riding around in their SUVs with their windows down, bumping T.I. over and over. That was before and during the basketball season.
Now that they've made their yearly exit in the first round of the NIT Tournament, they've disappeared to their respective apartments. If you're reading this, guys, keep your head up. The streets are safe enough where you can kick it in Smokey's sometime. I'm serious.
You have nothing to fear because, honestly, we didn't expect anything more than a NIT berth. That's nothing against you guys, but more against the recruiting staff. I've bet my roommate that within two years the basketball team will be in the Big Dance doing the bunny hop.
No. 2: The abundance of flip flops
As soon as it gets one degree over 59, people bring out the flops like they're in Cancun. Please people, have some sense, it's spring and the temperature varies from day to day. Therefore, when the Weather Channel announces a 40-degree high, put the thongs away.
No. 1: There are always pleasant surprises
Each spring there are pleasant surprises; a once ugly girl let's her hair down and becomes a Jet beauty, you find $20 walking to the Grill, or one of your favorite artists finally comes to Knoxville (last year it was the Roots, this year it's Prince). Other than the Purple One, my pleasant surprise for the spring would have to be the emergence of the Lady Vols track and field program.
If you haven't read the Beacon in about a year or so, you wouldn't notice it, but for the rest of you, the UT ladies' track program has been performing with the type of consistency that great programs are made of.
If you need proof, look at how the Lady Vols cross country team (part of the track and field program) finished and the status of the track team thus far. Then you'll notice how coach J.J. Clark's leadership rivals any coach on campus not named Pat Summitt.
Clark's cross country team won the SEC Championship, the NCAA Regional title for the second straight year and improved four places with a 24th place finish at the NCAA Championships. By the way, Clark was named NCAA Southern Region and SEC Coach of the year.
The track team is coming off a highly successful indoor season with a fourth place finish in the NCAA Indoor Championship and a SEC Championship. Also, the Lady Vols collected 13 All-American certificates at NCAA indoors.
Well, those are my "Five Signs of Springtime in Tennessee". Just as consistent as the inconsistent weather patterns of early spring is the fact that things are always the same here in Tennessee.
- Jeff Cohran is a sophomore in journalism and political science. He can be reached at maddskillz23@hotmail.com.