While the Vols are nursing their injuries this week, one Redneck on this campus is trying to nurse his lead.
The Redneck (Jordan Chitwood) did maintain his slim one-game margin over The Price is Right (Austin Price) in the race to win the legendary Picks Contest and to be crowned by the one-and-only High Holy Sports Editor on the last day of class (Nov. 30). The two guys who wake up every fall Saturday as if it's Christmas Morning both had 7-3 records last week.
But one freshman girl on this campus is making a late-season run to make a name for herself. Fresh Meat (Hannah Graham) - the second coming of Linda Cohn - was the lone picker to go 8-2 last week, moving her into a tie with Frat Boy (Kelly Roney) just three games off the lead with three weeks remaining.
You could call it a four-man ... I mean, person, race.
But not if you're looking at it through a pair of goofy-looking spectacles. Four Eyes (Scott Kushner) is just sitting back in fourth place, five games behind Chitwood. And by looking at his picks this week compared to those of the Redneck, he has a chance to make up as many as three games.
One thing's for sure, though ... with the amount of close-call games chosen by High Holy himself to challenge those at the top this week, there will be movement in the standings.
Heck, I could even move out of last place.
Georgia at Auburn: I'm holding a trash can by my side while I write this, but here goes ...
UGA 31, AU 28 ... meaning regardless if the Vols win out, they'll probably have to share the SEC East title with those ever-barking, puke-invoking Bulldogs.

- Matt Giles is the sports editor of The Daily Beacon and a senior in journalism. He can be reached at mgiles@utk.edu.