The Ref has spoken.
Picks panel leaders Austin Price and Jordan Chitwood have been flagged for Delay of Game - they didn't submit their picks on time.
Or maybe it was a False Start - their mind was on turkey and getting home instead of our little contest.
Call them Scott Norwood, Chris Webber and the 2004 Yankees rolled into one - they just flat choked.
Either way, their records will show 0-10 for the week, all but eliminating the two top pickers. This means it is a virtual certainty that our resident Frat Boy, Kelly Roney, will be the 2004 Picks Panel Champion.
But his win isn't a lock yet. All other pickers are mathematically eliminated except Scott "Four Eyes" Kushner. His 75-35 mark (compared to Roney's 80-30) with five games picked differently could result in a tie. The tiebreaker would be the score of this week's UT-Kentucky game.
For their pigskin prognostication prowess, the winner will receive one leaf from the fabled hedges of Georgia's Sanford Stadium, where the Vols pulled out a 19-14 upset in early October.
"I think that's a pretty good trophy," sports editor Matt Giles said. "It's not the Duke-North (long string of expletives) Carolina Victory Bell, but it's something they can show off to all their friends."
Giles then went off on a rant, profaning the name of Dean Smith, Michael Jordan and all who have ever worn Carolina blue. Again.
As for this week's game-
Kentucky at Tennessee: A sellout crowd is sure to be on hand to send off the seniors playing their last home game ... oh wait, that's Kentucky's Senior Night at Rupp Arena against the Vols in March.
Under the Haywood Harris Low Attendance Rules, major donors are counted twice and Smokey is 25,000 people. So more than 100,000 should be on hand to see ... Tennessee 31, Kentucky 7.
- Wes Todd is the sports copy editor of the Daily Beacon and a senior in journalism. He may be reached at