Some might call it unfair.
It's as much BS as the BCS.
And with three asterisks popping up in the final standings, it's about as confusing as Major League baseball records.
But like every other sports-based competition, the results have provided some insights on people and life.
Kelly Roney - our resident Frat Boy turned University of Tennessee legend - was in third place for much of the second half of the season behind Jordan "Redneck" Chitwood and Austin "The Price is Right" Price.
The FiJi, though, is now set to graduate next month knowing that he single-handedly took control of his stereotype and reassembled the pride of every collar-popping Frattie on this campus after an unnamed Frat Boy picked Florida to beat UT.
That massive mistake led to a suspension, which led to bye weeks for all competitors.
And when I, the High Holy Sports Editor, screwed up the picks graphic one week, that led to the first of three asterisks - my permanent excuse for finishing in dead last place after I honorably gave myself an 0-10 record the week that no one other than I knew my picks.
While my asterisk was painful at the time, it was nothing compared to the two chokes that closely resembled those by the two players who handed Dean Smith his two national titles at UNC.
Chitwood and Price would have finished first and second, respectively, had they gotten their picks in on time last week for the final installment of the contest. Like Chris Webber, though, they must have thought they had a timeout or something.
Woulda, coulda, shoulda.
Chitwood finished third after losing in a tiebreaker (last week's predicted score from the UT-Kentucky game) to Hannah "Fresh Meat" Graham. Sorry, Redneck, but even though Graham was way off the mark with her 35-14 prediction, that is substantially better than "No Pick."
In a three-way tie for fourth, Scott "Four Eyes" Kushner used the tiebreaker to beat out James "Other" Clawson (fifth) and Price (sixth is more fitting for him than second, anyway).
Wes "The Ref" Todd, Drew "Hippy" Cassidy and myself - who each challenges the others weekly in big-headed sports conversations - lay claim to the last three spots, respectively.
Apparently, none of us were endowed with as much college-football foresight as seventh-place Sara "Sorority Chick" Turley - who always maintained her amazing mediocrity.
As for the editor's final going-away SEC Championship prediction ...
Tennessee 55, Auburn 53 (5 OTs) ...
Welcome to the Brent Schaeffer experience.
After all, UT's No. 7 returns to practice today and the game is in Michael Vick's Georgia Dome.
- Matt Giles is the sports editor of The Daily Beacon and a senior in journalism. He can be reached at