Believe it or not, I've decided I'm not even worth mentioning this week.
Since I am going into my umpteenth week holding firmly onto last place in The Daily Beacon's 2004 Picks Contest, I've actually decided to write about someone other than myself this week.
His name is Jordan Chitwood. With a 60-20 overall mark, the "Redneck" has steadily held onto first place for the entire season.
Do country bumpkins really know the most about college football?
Not if you ask Austin Price. "The Price is Right" - who also acts as the host of the UT radio station's football show - is just one game back (59-21).
But then the "Frat Boy," Kelly Roney, is just three games off the lead. Then there is "Fresh Meat," Hannah Graham, who is sitting alone in fourth place with a remarkable 56-24 record, considering she is a freshman girl.
Add "Four Eyes," Scott Kushner, into the mix and we have five stereotypes within five games of first place with just four weeks remaining in the contest.
As we head into the backstretch, the race is truly on. Too bad my horse fell and broke his leg about three weeks into the season.
The Tennessee prediction according to dead-last place: Notre Dame 35, UT 34. Call it "The Miracle at Knoxville."
Before you shoot me, I'm just kidding ... UT 35, Notre Dame 17.
- Matt Giles is the sports editor of The Daily Beacon and a senior in journalism. He can be reached at