Note from the Sports Editor: Since I'm suspended, I have handed over this column for the week to Austin Price, the football host of UT's student radio station, 90.3 The Torch.
Note from The Ref: The opinions expressed in this column are most definitely not those of said Ref.
After the betrayal of your High Holy Sports Editor, Matt Giles, and The Ref, Wes Todd, I (Austin "The Price is Right" Price) have taken it upon myself to take over the picks column for this week.
Although Mr. Giles picked against the orange for the betterment of the team last week, he still deserves punishment.
While Mr. Giles did it to provide some type of karma, Mr. Todd turned his back because he didn't believe in those 75 kids that boarded the bus bound for Athens.
The Ref picked against our beloved Volunteers because he didn't believe the coach who had a 9-1 record after his first loss of the season could turn things around, one week after getting outplayed by Auburn.
After careful consideration, I have come up with what I think is the proper punishment for these two Benedict Arnolds.
To The Ref: Mr. Todd, I have assessed a personal foul penalty to your picks. For this you are forced to pick Vanderbilt this week against an angry Georgia team (oops, I forgot ... you're suspended this week).
To the High Holy Sports Editor: Since you claim to be holy, then I could find no better punishment than for you to spend one week in hell - that is, Athens.
Now for the picks...
Auburn 24, Arkansas 21: The plainsmen will continue to ride the Caddy to Miami ... barely.
FSU 27, Virginia 20: Fighting a quarterback controversy, the Seminole defense will do enough to stop the upstart Cavaliers.
Miami 30, Louisville 28: Hurricane special teams pull Miami through on Thursday night, but not before Louisville gives a wake up call to "The U."
Wisconsin 21, Purdue 20: The unstoppable force (Purdue's offense) meets the immovable object (Wisconsin's D). Immovable object wins.
Georgia 31, Vanderbilt 10: (No explanation needed.)
South Carolina 27, Kentucky 10: (No explanation needed again.)
Alabama 24, Southern Miss 20: The Tide gains momentum before the bloodbath of the Third (Fourth) Saturday in October.
Texas 31, Missouri 17: Vince Young vs. Brad Smith. Difference between the two? Young has running back Cedric Benson.
Southern Cal 34, Arizona State 24: The Trojans continue to roll.
Tennessee 38, Mississippi 21: UT makes its first appearance in Oxford since 1988, and only its third-ever appearance in the Grove. After this one, Mississippi will be hoping it is another 16 years before the Vols return.

- Austin Price is a guest columnist for The Daily Beacon and a senior in journalism and electronic media. He can be reached at