The Pick: Everybody was fretting about the Tennessee-Georgia game.
For all the pickers in this picks contest who still have some pride and picked UT to win this week, I'm proud of you.
For all the readers who wonder why the Sports Editor and the assistant sports editor - aka The Ref - both picked against the Vols, here's my explanation.
Last season, nobody gave Tennessee any chance of winning at Miami. UT had two losses at the, nobody beats the 'Canes in the Orange Bowl.
The man who sat in my seat at the time - former Daily Beacon sports editor Brett Edgerton - predicted Miami would win in last year's picks contest. He was criticized by readers for betraying the Vols.
But Brett has always been a UT fan and he knew what he was doing.
In this millennium, the Vols have been at their worst in games that were supposed to be close (replay UT's recent home embarrassments against Auburn, Georgia and Alabama).
Also in this millennium, though, the Vols have been at their best in games that they were supposed to lose (replay 2001 trip to Florida and last year's game at Miami).
Maybe Brett just wanted to add to the Vols' fire by picking against them.
It worked.
Call me superstitious.
The Predicted Score: Georgia over Tennessee, 50-0.
The Prayer: UT junior linebacker Kevin Simon is now rehabilitating his right knee following reconstructive surgery in his home state of California.
Simon has been my friend since before I started writing for The Beacon.
But I haven't seen the friendliest of all UT players since before the Florida game, when Simon suffered his third season-ending injury since he graduated high school.
So, I wanted to send out a prayer request for last season's leading tackler.
And I hope he finds a way to help lead this team, even if he's not on the field.

- Matt Giles is the sports editor of The Daily Beacon and a senior in journalism. He can be reached at