Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley was at ESPN in Bristol, Conn. on Thursday to promote the Volunteer football program.

The second-year coach appeared on a variety of the network's shows, including "First Take," the Scott Van Pelt radio show and "College Football Live."

Dooley addressed numerous topics, including "Rocky Top," the ongoing debate whether student-athletes should be compensated more financially and his goals for the football team in the upcoming season.

Dooley began his day sitting down with "First Take" co-host Jay Crawford. Crawford asked Dooley about the school's recent NCAA troubles and the instability within the athletic department.

"The good news is, we feel like with the steps we've taken up until now, the worst is behind us," Dooley said.

Dooley was also asked about one of the biggest issues in college athletics today: paying players.

"I do think it's a topic we need to examine," he said. "I've always felt that they weren't getting what they deserved. I think that the money they're getting now has not been adjusted to what the reality of living a college life is like. The cost of living changes. I'm still for amateurism. I still understand the importance of that, but I do think that we can do a better job of making sure that they're comfortable because of the service they give back to the university."

That service, according to Dooley, involves a year-round commitment, a commitment Dooley expects daily from his players.

"All I've ever asked our team is they come to work every day. We have this sort of saying, "Relentless pursuit of continuous improvement," Dooley told Crawford. "That they come to make the organization, make themselves better today than they were yesterday. We can't ask them to be all-conference players right now. We can't ask them to have great production.

"We've got to focus on getting better each day because there's a tremendous amount of investment from being a kind of flashy, freshman player star to being an every-down, dependable player in the SEC, and that's our goal."

Dooley also joked with Crawford regarding UT's unofficial fight song, which has become a trademark to the school.

"I knew the words to "Rocky Top," believe it or not, before taking the job at Tennessee," he said. "If you've grown up in the SEC, and been a part of the other side where Tennessee is whipping your tail all the time, you hear it a lot and I said when I took the job I can finally sing it and feel good about it when it's being played."

Later in the day, Dooley appeared on Scott Van Pelt's radio show and addressed the Vols' defensive line and linebacking units, both of which have major question marks heading into fall camp.

"The best teams on the defense have a good front seven," Dooley said. "With your front four and a strong linebacker group, we've got to find that strong front seven because it's going to be hard to win without it."