As the scorching sun beat down on Regal Stadium, the Lady Vols took the pitch to keep their unbeaten record perfect against the VCU Rams.

The Lady Vols came out hot as senior midfielder Kylie Bono hit a header to score in the third minute of play.

"My first intention was just to head it back into the play," Bono said. "But the ball was driven so hard at me that it actually went into the net."

Junior midfielder C.C. Cobb scored a little over an hour later to seal the 2-0 lead. The Lady Vols went on to dominate possession of the ball throughout the second half. The only offensive threat that the Rams produced were short-lived counter attacks. Although they came close to netting a goal late in the second half, sophomore goalkeeper Julie Eckel was able to hold onto her clean sheet.

The 2-0 win for the Lady Vols follows a 1-0 victory against the William and Mary Tribe on Friday. The win gave the Lady Vols a new record.

After facing William and Mary game, the Lady Vols improved to 3-0, which is the best start in program history. The victory was not easily obtained, though, as the match went into double overtime, despite the Lady Vols dominating in shots with 31 compared to the Tribe's five.

Eventually one of those shots had to find the back of the net and it was Caroline Brown, the Junior forward, who knocked in a penalty kick in the 106th minute to end the overtime thriller.

"It's just a routine kind of thing, you just get yourself relaxed and not let the pressure get to you," Brown said about her game-winning penalty kick, her tenth game winner for her career.

After the victory against VCU, the historical start for the Lady Vols got even better as their record now sits at 4-0 and 3-0 at the friendly confides of Regal Stadium.

The historic run comes under head coach Brian Pensky who is in his first year coaching here at Tennessee after several seasons with the University of Maryland. Regardless of their success, Pensky said the team still has room to improve.

"I think our consistency in our defending in the midfield and our frontline, how we want to shape up, and our connectivity, and our communication are things we need to improve on," Pensky said.

Eckel had a shutout in both the William & Mary and VCU games. Eckel has had three total shutouts on the young season and has only allowed one goal in the team's four matches.

"It's definitely big time, it gives our whole team confidence going into the next game and just the whole season," Eckel said. "It's just really a reflection of our entire backline and our entire team."

The Lady Vols will look to continue the winning streak as they go on the road to face the 2-1 Kennesaw State Owls on Friday.