Big things sometimes come in small packages. That is especially the case for the Lady Vols senior point guard Briana Bass, one of five seniors on the team.
While size is not one of her strong suits, standing at just 5-foot-2 inches (which ties former Lady Vol Shannon Bobbit as the shortest scholarship players in program history), there is no lack in hustle or leadership from the Indianapolis native. Her teammates realize that while she may be little, she has a big heart.
“One thing that is very big about ‘Bri’ is her attitude,” fellow senior Shekinna Stricklen said. “She can be so little but have one of the biggest attitudes. She has a big heart and no matter what, she goes hard in practice every day. She cares about every one of her teammates and would do anything for us.”
Although Bass isn’t a starter, she handles her role well and makes the most of her opportunities on the court.
 In her final season as a Lady Vol, Bass is averaging 3.5 points per game and is posting career-highs in all shooting percentage categories: field goals (9-of-22, .409), 3-pointers (6-of-17, .353), and free throws (11-of-12, .917). Despite the numbers not jumping off the page, the spark and energy she brings to her teammates says it all about what she means to her team.
“My role is to encourage my teammates if I’m on the bench and tell them what I see out on the court and let them know what they need to work on,” Bass said. “When I get out there my job is to push tempo and knock down the open shot if it’s there.”
 Bass and her teammates’ hard work this season has resulted in a great deal of success, as the team is ranked eighth in the country and is 16-5 overall (7-1 SEC). Although the Lady Vols are high in the rankings, Bass and others are not entirely pleased with the results.
“We were actually hoping for a better start to the season but lost some tough games,” Bass said. “We have to just take one game at a time from here on out and stay together as a team through adversity. If we bust our butts as a team and stay together we will be fine.”
While her tempo on the court is fast, off the court Bass likes to slow things down a little.
“When I’m off the court in my free time I like to just chill and hang out with my teammates,” she said. “My life goes: God, then family, then friends. I love my family dearly and realize I wouldn’t be anything without them and God.”
 In her spare time, she also enjoys watching movies, a particular genre in fact.
“I really love watching action movies,” she said. “My top two favorite movies right now are ‘Transformer 3’ and ‘Fast Five.’”
She is majoring in sports management with a minor in business. The Vol Scholar wants to become a director of event management one day.
In the meantime, Bass is focused on making the most of her last year at Tennessee as a student as well as a basketball player. She realizes this is not the end, though, as she will be a Lady Vol for life.
“It’s been a blessing to play here for four years,” she said. “All my teammates are like my sisters and coach (Pat) Summitt and all the other coaches have taught me so many life lessons that I will take with me. I want to take the passion that I found here with me for the rest of my life.”