It’s currently 4:20 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, and to quote the great TV sitcom Seinfeld, I’m writing a column about nothing. Maybe it’ll turn into something.
My current thoughts:
 1. I’m dreading this three-hour class tonight that starts at 5:45.
 2. Peyton Manning is retiring per actor Rob Lowe on Twitter.
3. I should tweet Manning is retiring to return to his alma mater as an assistant coach.
4. Manning would be a great coach one day if he wants to be.
Enough of this numbering stuff.
 Tennessee’s men’s basketball team plays at Georgia tonight. I expect UT to win its first true road game of the year in Athens (The Chaminade game in Maui doesn’t count). I’ll either look really smart or really dumb by the time you read this in Thursday’s Beacon.
With the addition of five-star freshman Jarnell Stokes, Cuonzo Martin and the Vols are going to be a tough opponent the rest of the season. If UT could go 9-5 the rest of the year, putting them at 17-14 heading into the SEC Tournament, the Vols could play their way into consideration for the NCAA Tournament. While most 14-loss teams don’t get into the Big Dance, the selection committee could take into effect Stokes’ impact on the team after missing UT’s first 16 games.
 Kentucky coach John Calipari said after their 65-62 win at Thompson-Boling Arena that UT is an NCAA Tournament team. If the Wildcats are the No. 2 team in the country, not only are the Vols a tournament team, they’re a top-25 team based on Saturday’s game with the Commonwealth’s Big Blue. This weekend’s home game against No. 13 Connecticut would be a huge win.
 It’s now 5:12 p.m. It’s also extremely hard to concentrate in the Beacon newsroom. Seriously.
The UT Athlete Tweet of the Day feature the Beacon is starting today has a lot of potential. Some Vols have great personalities.
Speaking of Twitter, if you are out of high school, it’s not cool to ask athletes (or anyone for that matter) to retweet you. Is getting a RT from Tyler Bray the same thing as getting Peyton Manning’s autograph was in the 1990s? It just seems weird.
This column has been even weirder.
It’s 5:33 p.m., I’m about to head off to that class. Kudos to the six of you who are still reading this. If anything, hopefully I’ve made you laugh because I sure haven’t said anything useful.
My next column will make up for that.