Campus was buzzing after students were given a piece of good news Sunday morning.

The news was that ESPN’s staple college football show, “College GameDay, built by the Home Depot,” would be broadcasting from UT on Saturday.

“I’m super pumped. Hopefully I (can) get on TV,” Kelci Frederick, sophomore in business administration, said. “It looks really good on our program. I mean obviously it shows that ESPN, a national television station, wants to come here in a game that we’re playing in, so that shows that we’ve gotten a lot better than last year.”   

Student body president Adam Roddy said he’s looking forward to seeing what the event will do for the community.

“I think that it’s a really exciting event. I mean this hasn’t happened in many years, and I think that with our football team really doing well these past few games, I feel like not only is it good for the team and good for the university, it’s really going to revitalize the student body,” Roddy said. “It’s really going to invigorate them and get them excited about football, the University of Tennessee and where we are going to be heading the next few football games.”

Every week, “GameDay” chooses which game they think will be the best. The “GameDay” crew consists of former Michigan Heisman trophy winner Desmond Howard, host Chris Fowler, former player and coach Lee Corso, former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit, former Georgia defensive lineman David Pollack and reporter Samantha Steele. Corso is famous for wearing the headgear of the mascot of whichever team he selects to win in the game they are hosting.

It is the first time since 2004 that Tennessee has been host to the “GameDay” set, but the fourth time that Florida will be Tennessee’s opponent when the show comes to Neyland. Tennessee is 0-3 in such contests and 2-5 overall in home “GameDay” appearances.  The Tennessee-Florida rivalry is the second most covered rivalry in the show’s history, behind only Florida-Florida State.

“I think it draws a lot of attention to the program,” Roddy said. “You hear a lot of people complaining about us not being featured or not being talked about on sports programs like ESPN, but I think this is a huge moment for our program in general, because a lot of (the) spotlight will be shining on the University of Tennessee football (program) and saying this is a program to watch. This is a program to be excited about, as it will hopefully bring big things for UT.”

The Vols look to overcome a seven game losing streak to the Gators and are coming off a 51-13 drubbing of Georgia State while Florida overcame a 17-10 halftime deficit to beat Texas A&M 20-17.

“I think we’re going to put the beat down on Florida,” said Frederick.  “I expected (Tennessee) to be better because they had a lot of injuries last year, so they have definitely done awesome.  I just hope we don’t have injuries.”

Roddy said he’s hopeful about the game.

“We’ve done well these past two games. Florida didn’t do too well against Texas A&M, not that they were a horrible school or anything like that.  I’m really positive about this,” Roddy said. “I think we are playing well.  I think coming off of two victories, we have a lot of momentum going right now.  The football team is energized.  They’re excited and they have the skills to beat Florida here at home in Neyland Stadium.”

“GameDay” coverage will start on ESPNU at 9 a.m., and then move to ESPN at 10 a.m.