For one family, the result of this Friday's soccer match between Ole Miss (9-2-1) and Tennessee (6-3-2) goes far beyond a win or a loss.

A sibling rivalry will take center stage at Regal Stadium on Friday at 7 p.m. as Tennessee defenders Caroline Capocaccia and Suzanne Capocaccia take the field against their younger sister and Ole Miss defender, Melissa Capocaccia.

Caroline is a senior for the Lady Vols, so Friday's matchup against Melissa — a freshman — is her only opportunity to claim soccer supremacy within the family.

"I'm real excited about it, but I want to beat her really bad," Caroline Capocaccia said. "I need that bragging right because I don't have another chance."

Despite all three being involved with soccer for much of their lives, the age difference between Caroline and Melissa has prevented them from playing each other before. However, sophomore Suzanne has squared off against Melissa in her club-level days prior to college.

"We've always been so competitive with each other, but we'll talk to each other a little bit," Suzanne Capocaccia said about her sibling rivalry on the field.

While Friday night will be the first time all three sisters will be on the same field with one being the opposition, the three sisters did play together in 2009 at Saint Agnes Academy in Memphis.

In the 2009 season, the sisters contributed to the a state championship at Saint Agnes, as Caroline was named the Most Valuable Player of the team. The two following seasons, Suzanne and Melissa helped lead their school to two state second-place finishes.

"I loved it," Suzanne Capocaccia said. "We would be rudely honest with each other. We couldn't hurt each others feelings."

Despite being a freshman, Melissa will likely start for the Rebels, as she has for every game this season.

Caroline and Suzanne both get time on the field as well. This season, Caroline has played in all 11 games, and Suzanne has seen the field in eight matches.

The sisters are not the only ones in the family that are excited about the game. A herd of Capocaccias and supporters are making the six-hour drive on I-40 East to see the sisters compete.

"A lot of my uncles, aunts, family, my mom's sorority sisters, my dad's friends [are coming]," Suzanne Capocaccia said. "We're going to have so many people here."

In many sibling rivalry games, television broadcasters make a priority of spotting the parents of the siblings to discuss their choice in attire. The Capocaccia parent's outfits are a hot topic in the family.

"My mom and dad claim that they are going to wear white, and they also have those circle pins," Caroline Capocaccia said. "They're going to have a UT one and an Ole Miss one."