If you have ever been to a Lady Vols soccer match, you were probably curious who the girl that seemed to be "everywhere at once" was.

The answer is senior Tori Bailey, a quick and versatile midfielder who is usually the smallest player on the field.

But size never stopped Bailey from making a significant impact on the team.

She arrived in Knoxville in 2010, clearly the shortest girl on the team at 4-foot-11, but that didn't stop her from quickly establishing a big role for herself for years to come.

Now, she thrives as the face of Lady Vols' soccer and a constant fan favorite.

Her freshman year she played in 19 games, starting nine of those contests. Over the next three years, Bailey proceeded to start in all 60 games she has played.

But Bailey not only succeeds on the field; she also received the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll Award her first three seasons and NSCAA Scholar All-South Region Honorable Mention last year, making her an exemplary student-athlete.

She played for two years under the coaching of Angela Kelly before current coach Brian Pensky came in following her sophomore season.

It didn't take long for Pensky to recognize Bailey's role on the squad.

"When I got here spring of 2012, Tori had an ankle injury," Pensky said. "I remember constantly hearing her on the sidelines (saying) 'Let's go Tennessee!' She loves Tennessee soccer. She knows she is our leader and never wants the season to end."

Friday at Regal Soccer Stadium the Lady Vols suffered a 3-0 loss to Florida, the last home game for many of the senior's careers.

But after the game Bailey was already focused on the rest of the season and the importance of her role on the team.

"Actions speak louder than words," Bailey said. "If I keep my head up, hopefully some of them will too.

"I just have to tell people to fight and keep working for each other. We're a unit. If one person works hard, we all work hard."

But naturally, the Fenton, Mich., native still felt bittersweet about her last home game. The Lady Vols' fan base was present the entire game and stayed in the stands cheering, even as most of the girls went to the locker room afterwards.

"It's very rewarding getting to play my last home game here," Bailey said. "It's just a special moment getting to play in front of fans, friends and family."

As the season winds down, Bailey is also taking time to reflect on her career up to this point.

"My career to this moment has definitely been hard," Bailey said. "I just had to learn to be quicker on the ball and be able to be more agile. It has been extremely difficult, but I have loved the challenge every step of the way."

Although Friday marked the last time Bailey will step onto the field at Regal Soccer Stadium, her legacy – along with the entire senior class' – will not soon be forgotten by Pensky.

"The kid loves and lives for this," Pensky said. "The senior girls are collectively the sweetest, nicest, friendliest group of seniors you could want. They symbolize and are sort of a microcosm for what our team is all about."