Starting in a car at Neyland Stadium, if you begin traveling west via I-40 and proceed to make 36 more correct turns over a three-day span, according to Google Maps, you'll find yourself at the most-known structure in Eugene, Ore.: Autzen Stadium.

While the Vols are fortunate enough to be embarking to Oregon through the air – a fate the drivers of the equipment bus were not lucky enough to acquire, as their 41-hour drive began on Wednesday – their trip will mark the longest for the team since 2008 when UT traveled to Los Angeles to face UCLA.

To put the voyage in perspective, in the 2012 season the Vols' longest road trip was 398 miles when they played Mississippi State. This week's trip to Oregon will be 2,542 miles and will take nearly as long by plane as it took by bus to get to Starkville, MS.

"It's going to be a lot different," senior kicker Michael Palardy said. "We're used to traveling maybe a total of three hours and now we're going all the way to the West Coast."