magine the pressure of being the younger sibling of an NCAA Division I athlete. Now add in three more.

It's a lot to live up to for the youngest sibling.

But that's exactly what Lady Vol volleyball's freshman setter Abby Brewer is doing.

Completing a family tradition as the fifth, and youngest, Division I athlete of the Brewer family, the Arizona native comes from an impressive lineage.

Brewer's two oldest brothers, Chase and Charles, both received scholarships to play baseball at UCLA, and are now players for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Then there's Brewer's older sister, Ashley, who swims at USC. Her other brother also received a scholarship and is a member of the Arizona Wildcat football team, where he is a quarterback.

Brewer described growing up in a house full of athletes in a single word

"Hectic," Brewer said, laughing. "It was really crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It was really fun getting to be with everyone, watching all their games, and supporting them."

But Brewer has more than just her sibling's accolades to be proud of. The 6-foot-2 setter has quite a resume of her own.

Brewer earned MVP and all-region honors at Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Ariz. She was also on the Arizona Sky and Revolution club volleyball teams, which were both deemed the top teams in Arizona while she was a member.

Her success on the court, as well as her overall athleticism, has carried over to Knoxville as well.

"Abby is a very experienced setter," head coach Rob Patrick said. "Abby has an ability to play at a very high level really early in her career."

However, volleyball was hardly the only sport in which Brewer found success.

Before sticking with volleyball, she did gymnastics, swimming and earned MVP honors on the softball diamond.

"Since I was about 12, when my oldest brother Charles started getting offers from D-I schools, I knew I wanted to play a D-I college sport," Brewer said. "So, I knew I wanted to quit softball, didn't really like swimming, so I decided to play volleyball and I knew from the beginning I would do anything to get to a D-I program."

Brewer received offers from Pepperdine, San Diego State, Santa Clara and SMU. But Tennessee had something other schools did not have that stood apart for Brewer — a drive to win.

"The moment I talked to the coaches I knew," Brewer said. "I didn't even have to come to the school. Just how much they wanted to win was what I liked — it was their competitive drive."

However, the coaches are not the only ones with high aspirations.

Brewer hopes to play overseas, try her hand at sand volleyball and aspires to go into news broadcasting.

But of course, sports broadcasting would also be a perfect fit for the youngest of the Brewer athletic dynasty, as she already has a wide variety of sports knowledge and experience as a college athlete.

After all, it's in her blood.