Being the best is always a gratifying feeling, but when you've been mocked for weeks because a girl who has attended one football game in her entire life is the only one standing between you and the throne... Well, words can't really describe the happiness of getting that monkey off your back.

Now that my position at the top is official, the only thing left to do is keep these peasants from ever coming close to the crown again.

So how do I go about doing this you might ask?

The answer is quite simple: just keep picking, because while I won't say my knowledge of sports is leaps and bounds above everybody else's, there definitely isn't anyone who knows more than me.

With that said, let's breakdown these loser's picks for this week.

Our special guest picker, Ken Gassiot, imparted some wisdom on us yesterday when he sent us his picks with a message attached.

"I know all my fellow pickers will be pickin' TN this weekend," Gassiot said. "Glad they can join the crowd when it's easy and the stakes are high. Slackers."

Some big words coming from someone who would be tied for first had he done the smart thing and picked UT to lose these past two weeks like everybody knew they would.

With his selections of Georgia and Notre Dame, it looks like Ken could potentially be his worst own enemy again.

As for that girl that has plagued me these past four weeks, Managing Editor Melodi Erdogan, she has been making her picks through her future brother-in-law who works for It just so happens that last week he couldn't provide her with the necessary help she needed, and surprisingly, she dropped from first to third.

As for his – I mean her – picks this week, she, along with most everyone else, is on the Georgia bandwagon against LSU, and honestly that game could go either way, but last week her unknowledgeable selection of Michigan State over Notre Dame caused her collapse and she has attempted to rectify that decision by picking Notre Dame this week.

An amateur's mistake, that will surely cause her to fall even lower in the rankings where she belongs.

Our Assistant Arts and Culture Editor, Cortney Roark, has had a miserable time this year and I truly feel bad for her, so I promise that I won't poke fun at her that much. Seriously Cort, 24-17 Vols? I forgot we were playing the actual Alabama football team? Even though I will admit that her being the only other person picking LSU makes me question myself, but alas Geaux Tigers. In fact, she picked all the same teams as me this week, so if I falter, she's shouldering the blame because she's obviously bad news bears.

I will give credit where credit is due, however. Gage and David do scare me a little and if there is anybody on the face of this earth that can dethrone me, it would be these two.

David Cobb, who is the sports editor and supposedly my boss, started off slow and prior to this week had been in the basement all year. But unlike Cortney, Big D – as we call him around the office – was able to brush the dust off and climb his way up, even if it was only one spot.

He has decided to follow in the footsteps of his "understudy" for four of the five games this week, which doesn't shock me one bit, because even he knows that I'm the best.

And then there's Gage Sauce, our meticulous copy chief, who purposely looked at my picks and switched his original LSU over Georgia pick so that he could have an outside chance of getting a share of first place.

A desperate attempt, no doubt, but I applaud his will to win, it's a refreshing change from the rest of these spineless individuals.

Troy Provost-Heron has paid zero attention in every one of his Thursday classes in an effort to work his way up to the top of the Pick Em' rankings. Now that he is in first, hopefully he can pick his grades back up before getting kicked out of school and having to forfeit first place and his pride. He can be followed on Twitter at @TPro_UTDB, and reached at