For 14 former Tennessee Volunteers, Wednesday's Pro Day was an opportunity to help reach the next chapter of their lives.

With May 8th's NFL Draft quickly approaching, a hoard of NFL scouts crowded into the Neyland-Thompson Sports Complex to get a glimpse of Tennessee's draft prospects as they completed drill after drill.

"It's nerve-racking at first, but at the end of the day you look back and you think 'this is what we've been doing for 10 years of our lives,'" linebacker Dontavis Sapp said. "There really is no reason to be nervous.

"You're either ready or you're not."

The difference between what they've been doing and what they are doing now, however, couldn't be more evident.

For most players, these workouts can mean the difference between beginning your professional career or ending your playing one.

But even with so much on the line, former defensive lineman Corey Miller said there is less pressure to perform during these events than there is when you represent your school.

"(When you're) playing under Coach Jones, you're going to do what is expected of you and you got to get the job done because that is what you are here to do – along with getting a college degree," Miller said. "But when you are preparing for your future, there's not as much pressure.

"It's all on you as an individual person, because if you don't don't do it, you just don't make it," Miller added. "You're just another one of those guys that didn't pan out."

Wednesday, though, was more than just another audition. It was also one last opportunity to dress out in the orange and white.

"This is our last hour of being a Vol," defensive end Jacques Smith said. "This completes the process of college football for us; we're heading to a new phase. It's a blessing but it's strange at the same time.

"These four years went by so fast and I enjoyed my time here giving my all for Tennessee."