The Tennessee men and women's swimming and diving teams both recorded victories over Virginia Tech and Missouri Saturday afternoon in Knoxville. The men's team beat Missouri 164-136 and Virginia Tech 169-131, while the women's team beat Missouri 192.5-106.5 and Virginia Tech 192-108.

The women's team was dominant in their two wins, winning nine out of 16 events at the competition.

"Overall, I would say we are pretty happy about how this meet went, but there are still things we have to improve on and that we know we need to work on," said women's swimmer Faith Jo hnson, who won the 100-yard freestyle. "But overall we are really excited to keep going forward."

Both the swimming and the diving coaches, Matt Kredich and Dave Parrington respectively, were also pleased with their team's performances.

"Both teams performed in a pretty similar way," Kredich said. "The men's competition was a lot more kind of matched to where our men's team is, so that ended up being a great meet versus Virginia Tech and Missouri. But, I think the themes for both of our teams were kind of the same. I thought we competed very well."

"I was pleased," Parrington said. "We certainly, as we typically do this time of year, had some mistakes and things to work on, but that's why we have some of these competitions: to help us get ready for the SECs and NCAAs. But for the most part we are getting better in areas I want to see us get better."

While not as dominant in their victories as the women, a couple of the swimmers from the men's team performed well.

The standouts were sophomore Sean Lehane, who won the men's 100- and 200-yard backstroke, and freshmen Luke Percy, taking the gold in the 50- and 100-yard freestyle.

"It was definitely a really close competition for both races," Lehane said, "I saw it was going to be a close meet the whole way through and knew my team needed this win, so I tried the best I can to get my hand on the bar first. It was my best season times this year."

"I was pretty pleased with how I did mostly," Percy said. "The team went one, two, three in the 50 and one, two, three in the 100. This performance is really promising coming back from winter break. It is looking good for our team to really perform in the SECs and NCAAs."

The men's and women's swimming and diving teams will continue their preparations for the SEC championships – which begins on Feb. 18 in Athens, Ga., – when they take on Georgia on Jan. 25 and Florida on Feb. 1.

With such a successful day in the pool, Kredich believes this meet will help prepare his team for the upcoming competition.

"It helps a lot because it re-familiarizes us with competition," Kredich said. "There were some moments where we seemed a little surprised at some of the feelings and experiences you have during a race, so it is nice to refresh that.

"We also had people come up big wins in close races. We always learn from competition."