Let's be honest. Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin are a match made in heaven.

Both are fantastic recruiters.

Both are on a very short list of the most-hated people in college football – maybe even in sports.

But most importantly, both have alienated an entire fan base in a matter of minutes on more than one occasion.

Saban, for all of those who don't remember, famously walked out on the Miami Dolphins back in 2007 after denying reports he was linked to the Alabama job while he was still finishing out the NFL season.

As for Kiffin, well, there's nothing that needs to be said, the man has been hated in Knoxville and really the entire state of Tennessee for years.

But the real question is if there is even a reason to hate the man.

Yes, Kiffin did leave after one season, but in that season he racked up numerous NCAA violations and constantly ran his mouth, which made his Tennessee team – that had very little talent – a large target for every team in the SEC.

In Kiffin's one season as the Volunteer's head coach he went 7-6 – one of those losses being an embarrassing loss to Virginia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

That doesn't necessarily have the making of a coach you should be upset about when he bolts.

Derek Dooley went 6-7 and nearly won his one and only bowl game appearance against North Carolina and yet everyone applauded and cheered during his exit.

Kiffin's tenure at USC should be even more of a reason to smile when you hear his name, not boo.

The Trojans under Tennessee's most wanted man were 28-15. Not horrible, but enough to be woefully underachieving, especially in a conference that wasn't a power until this season.

Imagine how bad that record could have been had he stayed in the SEC.

His stints as head coach wherever he's been are proof that he's not cut out to be a head coach.

With that said, the one thing you guys are most happy about Kiffin is the thing you should fear most.

No, he isn't going to ruin the Alabama football program, Saban is too great to allow that to happen and the last time Kiffin wasn't a head coach, he was a fantastic assistant coach on one of the best teams year in and year out.

So when the Crimson Tide come into Neyland Stadium on Oct. 25, save the hate for the people who are worthy of it, don't waste it on a mere speck of dirt that shows up on the history of Tennessee football.

Troy Provost-Heron is a sophomore studying journalism and electronic media. He can be reached at tprovost@utk.edu and followed on Twitter @TPro_UTDB.