When Tennessee and Northwestern State​ meet on Saturday it will be the first time they have ever squared off against one another.

That, however, doesn't necessarily mean that the two programs have nothing in common. In fact, there is a very unique similarity between the two schools that are separated by 721 miles.

Since 2002, the Lady Vol softball team has been led by co-head coaches Ralph and Karen Weekly, who have won more then 600 career games in their 12 seasons at UT. Likewise, the No. 16 seed Lady Demons have been under the lead of co-head coaches Brook and Scott Stoehr since joining the program on April 4, 2012.

In fact, the two married couples met on Friday afternoon and shared their secrets to success with one another.

"It's a unique situation for us and across the country," Brook Stoehr said, who handles the media appearances for her team. "They've (Weekly's) have been so successful. We're always trying to learn and grow as coaches and people. We wanted the opportunity to meet with two successful coaches that have the same dynamic as we do."

This season, the married couple worked well together and led Northwestern State to a 21-12 record and the programs second ever SLC title.

The automatic bid as a result of their conference championship gives the Lady Demons their first appearance in the NCAA Tournament in the past ten years, and their third trip to the Big Dance for a program that ranks in the top 40 all-time winningest college programs with a record of 715-461.

"People need to realize all across the country families own businesses together," said Brook Stoeher, who handles the media appearances for her team. "We just do it in a pressure-packed situation with a scoreboard and an end result that's immediate."

One of the keys for the two at the helm, has been their ability to stay on the same page as the other.

"The biggest thing for us is communication," she said. "If you have someone that you ultimately trust, you ultimately believe in, you know at the end of the day, good or bad, they have your back. We have that and it's really helped us."

With two children they have had to take extra time, especially late at night to try and help the program and the future of women's basketball at their university.

"Sometimes you go home at night and around 12 o'clock after we get the kids in bed we're still talking to recruits, working on game plans, watching film, you're stil mad about something that happened in practice," she said. "There's never really a time where you can get away and close it off. We really try to carve out some time to do that."

The two coaches look at their trip up to Knoxville as a great chance for their players to experience a great women's basketball environment and serve as an opportunity for their program to advance even further.

"I'm excited for our players to see what they can experience and what they can gain from this trip and how this propels our program through recruiting," she said. "It's amazing when you win a few games how many recruits actually start answering your calls and responding to you."

Even though they will be outsized by Tennessee, who were second in the country during the regular season in total rebounds, the Lady Demons will not try to change their way of play.

"We are not going to try and change over night," she said. "We're going to have to adjust in some areas, but I think the biggest thing for us is for our players to look at me and their teammates and say hey guys, we're going to play a basketball game and you're going to have a great experience in front of very knowledgeable fans that are going to cheer loudly for their team and that's a great experience."

This will not be Brook's first time facing off against the Lady Vols, as the former Louisiana Tech guard (1998-2002) faced them in every one of her four seasons, winning only one game.

"I did tell them about my experience here," she said. "I've won here before. I think we ended their 41 home-game win streak my sophomore year. What a I didn't tell them was that there were about five WNBA players on that team."