Tennessee head coach Butch Jones made it clear that this was the biggest practice of the spring.

After completing the fifth of their allotted 15 spring practices on March 14, the Vols took a week off from practice as a result of Spring Break.

The reason for why it was such an important practice? Maturity.

"Overall, I did like our mental approach," Jones said on Tuesday. "It was very glaring that some individuals were more mature than others, some individuals prepared more than other individuals coming back. But I thought it was a very productive practice, probably our most physical practice this spring so far."

The practice's toughness gave the opportunity for the coaching staff to test their players on what they had learned in practices 1-5, something that Jones thought the Vols did well with on Tuesday.

"I liked our approach on Monday, but today we had to get back into the rhythm," Jones said. "The biggest thing I wanted to see was the retention, how did we retain the information that we had (learned) in the first five (practices). For the most part, I thought our players did a very good job with their retention."

As for the players, the increased physicality seemed to raise their effort level, resulting in a practice they were proud of.

"Today was one of the better intensity days I've had since I've been here," junior offensive lineman Marcus Jackson said. "There are still some technical things we need to work on, but in terms of everybody giving great effort to get better, it was a great day."

Moving Maggitt

For redshirt junior linebacker Curt Maggitt, this spring has been one of constant change.

As Tennessee's team leader, Maggitt, who missed all of last season with a torn ACL, is expected to be one of the Vols go-to defensive playmakers.

With that, however, comes finding the position that allows him to make the most plays possible.

The West Palm Beach, Fla., native is currently getting work at linebacker, as well as a pass rushing defensive end in UT's nickel package, causing Maggitt to work at multiple positions.

"Curt's going through a learning process again," Jones said. "He knows his assignments, he knows what to do, but now it's putting it into action. He'll come (together). He's extremely explosive, but it's the small details. It's the stance, it's the start – the get-off is everything – it's the fundamentals. Playing winning football is a by-product of being fundamentally sound and he'll get there.

"We are asking a lot of him to go from linebacker, to the three-point (technique) and now being back at the linebacker spot. He's playing about three different positions right now. But today, we had a fourth-and-1 period and he came up and made a great play at the end of practice, so I can see his confidence growing."

And while Maggitt hasn't had his hand on the ground in his time at Tennessee, he said he hasn't had that hard a time transition down on the line.

"It hasn't been a big adjustment because I've had my hand down before," Maggitt said. "I've just got to keep putting this work in."

Maggitt added: "Whatever the coaches want me to do, I'm down to do."