Beat Editors


Available “Beats”:

Arts and Culture, News, Photography, Sports, Student Life


Plan, coordinate and assign articles, assist writers, enforce deadlines in support of the assigned beat                                                           


Participate as an integral member of the senior leadership team of the newspaper, upholding the quality and integrity of The Daily Beacon


Follow newsroom policies and standards; ethical behavior and professional manner required


Participate in news planning and general meetings with senior editorial staff; teach newsroom expectations to new writers


Possess and maintain a high level of writing ability, managerial skills, and familiarity with the campus community and developing events/issues


Report for beat, edit all beat articles, re-check facts and style



Hours: 15-20 hours per week

General Requirements

Have previous news writing (or photography) experience with The Daily Beacon


Maintain a daily office schedule


Efficiency in completing tasks in networked computing Environment


Maintain regular and timely communication with your writers; attend weekly meeting with senior editors

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