One of the most influential scientists in the nation has been selected as a Distinguished Research Professor at the university.
Jeffrey Wadsworth, director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and president and CEO of UT-Battelle LLC, the firm that manages and operates ORNL, has joined the faculty of the College of Engineering’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Wadsworth is a world-class scientist and member of the National Academy of Engineers. He is also a fellow of the American Association of Advancement of Science.
ORNL scientists said he is one of the most admired people associated with the laboratory and is truly an outstanding director for the lab. He has extended the facility to many opportunities worldwide and has advanced the lab in biological sciences and the rapid emerging world of nanoscience.
Prior to joining UT-Battelle, Wadsworth served as deputy director. His research interests included advanced materials and steel.
Wadsworth has published more than 275 papers in scientific literature and has been elected to a fellowship in the American Society of Metals. In Jan. 2005, he was elected to the prestigious National Academy of Engineering for research on high temperature materials.
“Jeff is an internationally recognized researcher and scholar who brings tremendous knowledge to our materials program. Since Jeff is also the director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the association with him will also enhance our collaborative relationship with ORNL, which is vitally important to the future of the college’s and the university’s research initiatives,” said Way Kuo, dean of the College of Engineering and a university Distinguished Professor.
Kim Cowart, manager of engineering communication at UT, said that Wadsworth’s appointment, though only recently publicly announced, was official last year.
“This is not a new appointment. He was appointed last year, but we are trying to catch up with formally announcing these appointments.”