Aside from the usual traffic accidents, underage consumption violations,

and harassing phone calls the Crime Log provides, there are always a few

"exceptional" reports. The following is Best of the Crime Log for the Fall

1999 semester.

Thursday, Sept. 2

*4:19 a.m. - A complainant reported that two males were committing a

"lewd" act in front of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity out near the


Monday, Sept. 13

*10:30 a.m. - Animal Control was requested in reference to two dogs

at large around the Science and Engineering Building.

Monday, Sept. 20

*4:18 a.m. - An officer reported seeing a suspicious person urinating

in the street.

*2:35 p.m. - A complainant reported being approached by a black male

suspect in a gray vehicle who masturbated in front of her on 14th Street

and Highland Avenue. The subject also asked the victim to the UT


Tuesday, Sept. 21

*12:48 p.m. - A complainant stated that a white male cursed her when

she asked if he would let his two dogs relieve themselves somewhere


Saturday, Sept. 26

*6:26 p.m. - An officer stated that he had ejected a student from

Neyland Stadium after a complaint from a female. Subject became defensive

and verbally argumentative. The officer stated that he settled the

situation and directed the student to go home and to stay away from the

stadium. Subject returned to the stadium. The officer again escorted the

subject out of the stadium.

Thursday, Oct. 7

*12:09 a.m. - A driver with van services came into UTPD lobby to file

a complaint concerning harassment that had just occurred at Presidential

Court. The driver reported that while he was sitting in his van, a female

in a car drove up next to him. He stated that she cursed him and made

obscene gestures towards him; no threats were made towards the van driver.

A complaint report was filed.

Friday, Oct. 8

*10:41 p.m. - An officer was out on a report of a suspicious person

possibly using binoculars to look into women's dorms. The subject was gone

upon an officer's arrival.

Sunday, Oct. 10

*4:29 a.m. - A complainant stated that a white male subject was in

the bushes gratifying himself. When the complainant walked by, the subject

walked out of the bushes near the steps behind Reese Hall. Officers were

unable to locate the subject.

Monday, Oct. 11

*2:56 a.m. - A complainant stated that a lost dog was inside Morrill

Hall lobby. An officer was dispatched and was unable to catch the dog. The

dog was last seen running towards Presidential Court.

Tuesday, Oct. 12

*12:25 a.m. - A complainant called and stated that a male subject

wearing navy shorts and a blue tee shirt was on the top floor of Morrill

Hall looking into South Carrick Hall with binoculars.

*4:49 p.m. - A complainant who refused name and callback reported

that she had been approached by an individual at the UC around noon who had

asked he if she or any of her friends would marry him in order to get

citizenship in the U.S. The suspect was a white male in his mid- to late

thirties with an Australian accent.

Wednesday, Oct. 27

*9:19 p.m. - UTPD was notified of a suspicious person, possibly

involved in indecent exposure, in Hodges Library. Officers were unable to

locate the subject.

Sunday, Oct. 31

*10 p.m. - An officer was dispatched to check on a suspicious person

that was described as wearing blue overalls and a Mike Myers mask. The

complainant stated that the subject was chasing and harassing females in

front of Humes Hall.

Wednesday, Nov. 17

*1:59 p.m. - An officer was requested due to the theft of a chicken

sandwich in the Hess Hall dining.

Monday, Nov. 22

*2:28 p.m. - A complainant called and stated that a female street

preacher was causing a disturbance on Volunteer near Melrose Hall.

Tuesday, Dec. 7

*4:41 a.m. - A complainant stated that two males were running up and

down the hall whipping each other with belts in Reese Hall. An officer

responded and settled the problem.