10. Classes starting up — We may not feel this way once the workload piles on in a few weeks, but there’s something exciting about the first day of classes. A new school year means a fresh start, new professors and (hopefully) exciting new classes. Summer was great, but some of us are getting a little bored.

“I am looking forward to finally declare my major.” — Sarah Varnadoe, sophomore in microbiology.

“I am studying abroad this semester in Wales, so I am excited about the opportunity of leaving the country to indulge myself in the culture of others.” — Eleanor McDonough, junior in environmental studies.

9. Fall — There’s a lot of things we will miss about summer, but one thing we won’t miss is the scorching 100-degree weather that has graced Knoxville recently. We can’t wait until the leaves change colors, and we’re able to walk to class without breaking a major sweat.

“I am looking forward to cool fall weather.” — Allie-Ross Mathison, sophomore in architecture.

8. Getting out of the dorms — For some students, this year means finally moving out of the dorms and getting a new apartment or house of their own. Dorm life is an experience that most all of us have to go through, but many students are just glad to finally have the freedom, and space, that comes with a place of your own.

“I am excited about living downtown.” — Allie-Ross Mathison, sophomore in architecture.

7. Freshman year — The school is welcoming more than 4,300 excited, nervous and wide-eyed freshmen this year. Campus enrollment is up more than 2 percent from last year. Freshman year is an exciting time — you’re on your own, meeting tons of new people and getting to experience the campus traditions that some of us upperclassmen have taken for granted. It’s refreshing to see such enthusiasm at UT.

“(I’m excited about) meeting new people and intramurals.” — Ashley Menner, freshman in Spanish.

6. Senior year — College is wonderful, but truthfully, some of us are ready to get out of here after three (or four, or five) years of being here. We’ll worry about getting a job after getting that diploma in our hands. Seniors are looking forward to accomplishing, and partying, a lot during their last year.

5. New buildings — It seems like it’s taken 10 years to finish the new Glocker building, but it’s almost done! Business majors like junior Jonathan Luther are looking forward to taking classes in a state-of-the-art building with brand new everything next fall. And then there’s the shiny new Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy, which is expected to be finished spring of 2008.

4. Friends — Some of us are just excited about seeing our friends at UT again after the summer hiatus. We can’t wait to go to football games, party and hang out.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know my new sorority sisters after recruitment.” — Sarah Varnadoe, sophomore in microbiology.

3. Getting involved — We are the Volunteers after all, and a lot of us are ready to get involved on campus from joining a student organization to serving in student government. We hope the freshman class takes advantage of all the opportunities to be a part of student life at UT.

“I am most looking forward to getting back involved with all the stuff I was involved with last year and getting involved with new things ...” — Kim Tone, sophomore in psychology and exercise science.

2. Socializing — OK, we’re just ready for the parties that come along with football season. There’s nothing like walking around in the Fort and on the Strip at 3 a.m. and seeing if you made it on the crime log Monday morning.

“I just can’t wait to go to Bar Knoxville.” — Katie Wade, undecided sophomore.

1. Football season — We’re counting down the days (17) until the first football game against Southern Miss at Neyland Stadium. Football season means wearing a lot of orange, showing our school spirit and of course, pregaming. Nothing beats cheering for our team in the student section. We hope for a stellar season for Coach Fulmer and the Vols.

“Being in a stadium with over 100,000 people ... all in orange shirts is pretty crazy, and it’s hard not to like that.” — Matt Kother, undecided freshman.