On Wednesday, more than 700 students headed to the UC Ballroom to be courted by more than 40 different company recruiters in the university’s 11th annual Part-Time Job Fair.
The job fair showcases the university’s broad variety of students and studies.
“The Part-Time Job Fair is an annual event usually two weeks after school starts,” DeAnna Bonner, assistant director of Career Services, said. “The combination of on- and off-campus employers help students learn about part-time jobs. The fair is a service to the students but helps employers as well.”
The 37 different organizations represented at the job fair were wide-ranging, from The Rush Fitness to H&R Block, McDonald’s and even the Federal Bureau of Investigation. While the job fair was billed as “part-time,” many organizations offered full-time positions, including First Tennessee Bank.
“We come to the Part-Time Job Fair pretty much every year,” Sherry Lisak, First Tennessee recruiter, said. “It’s a great source for part-time jobs. We always get some great candidates. We have locations close to campus and employ many UT students.”
One particularly busy table was that of Babysitters International.
“Recruiting at UT has been the best way of recruiting in my business, and the job fair is a great way to get people interested in different jobs at one time,” recruiter Julie Fincher said.
One reason so many students turned out was due to the great advertising.
“I knew from the website,” Garrett Sexton, freshman in economics, said. “I knew a lot of people going. This is a good opportunity to get my foot in the door in a business type of place. When I get out of here, I hope to have a good experience for it.”
Class can be another motivation for getting a part-time job, since some UT departments take class credit for part-time jobs or internships.
“I’m looking for a part-time job but looking to get some experience in my field of study, and the job fair is a good way to get a sample on what’s out there,” Kaeli Toalston, sophomore in food science, said.
Off-campus internships are not the only ways to get involved, though. Several UT organizations were present, including the Army ROTC, the Office of Information Technology, Police Department, Recycling, Student Health Center, Alumni TELEFUND and the University Center.
Director of Career Services Russ Coughenour hailed the university’s rich diversity and potential.
“A lot of our recruiters are repeat businesses who come year after year. Employers know UT is a relatively untapped source of talent, particularly at this time of year.”
Wednesday capped another successful year for the event put on by Career Services. Both students and corporations benefit from the event; the university gets some publicity as well.