The Copper Cellar has been an integral part of dining in Knoxville and at the University of Tennessee since 1975. The restaurant is located on Cumberland Avenue and is a favorite of UT students.

"It's one of the best restaurants in town, definitely the best on campus," Hunter Herrin, undecided freshman, said.

Copper Cellar is famous for having two restaurants. The original restaurant is downstairs and provides more refined and elegant dining, and there is an upstairs restaurant that caters more to college students and offers a more relaxed hang out that is often popular before UT football and basketball games.

"It provides a high-class atmosphere with reasonable prices, and its one of my favorite place to be before the game," Joel Bowers, undecided freshman, said.

The downstairs area is the perfect place for a formal night on the town or a night with someone special. The menu features several entrees of steak and more elegant food that are less than kind on a college student's wallet. The atmosphere is elegant and provides excellent atmosphere for an epicurean dining experience, as well as some of the best steaks in town.

The upstairs portion maintains the same class in atmosphere but has a less elegant feel and provides a better atmosphere for college kids to hang out in. Wednesday night is $5-burger night, and Copper Cellar has some of the best burgers in Knoxville. At such a great price, the deal is hard to pass up.

For those who are not fans of meat, both menus offer good vegetarian choices as well.

Having trouble deciding what to order? Try the Volunteer burger, as it definitely lives up to its fame.

For those who aren't too fond of burgers, the menu has many more entrees to offer and there is something for everyone. One patron recommends the Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich, which uses the Copper Cellar's homemade tartar sauce.

The restaurant is very popular as a pre-game hang-out spot, but is usually busy most nights of the week. The best plan is to either make reservations or go before 6 p.m., which is when the main dinner rush arrives.

The upstairs Copper Cellar is every day, with Sunday featuring its special brunch menu. The downstairs is open Monday through Saturday. Operating hours vary from day to day but it usually opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. and stays open until midnight on the weekends.

Whether looking for a classier date in the downstairs portion of the restaurant or a more relaxed atmosphere upstairs, Copper Cellar can deliver just what everyone is looking for.