Students who are looking to take a very prominent leadership role on campus currently have an opportunity. The Student Orientation & Leadership Development (SOLD) office has released the applications to become either an Orientation Leader, Ignite Team Leader, Transfer Orientation Assistant or a Leadership Guide.
As some of the most familiar faces on campus, leaders in these positions are presented with both heavy responsibility and a very promising opportunity to establish themselves as the face of the university.
“Students in SOLD positions gain amazing leadership skills and experience,” Sally Parish, assistant director of the SOLD office, said. “We look for the best and brightest to represent the office and the university. We don’t necessarily look for one type of student leader. We look for a variety of students to wholly represent the diversity of the university.”
“The SOLD office helps especially new students get connected with the university,” Charlotte Salinas, graduate assistant in the SOLD office, said. “We want students to come into their freshman year with the mindset that any student on campus can be a leader and it’s not necessarily restricted to those students who have come into school in a very social, active group.”
Orientation Leaders represent perhaps the most rigorous of all SOLD office positions. Throughout a six-week period from the first week of June to the second week of July (including a timely training period in May), the crop of orientation leaders seeks to get every incoming freshman student accustomed to college life. Hours for Orientation Leaders can be long, but the students serving build a strong community with each other and with groups of incoming freshmen. They serve as peer advisers and resources, as well as role models, for orientation participants.
Ignite Team Leaders facilitate two three-day summits for incoming freshman students, introducing freshmen to the important concepts of leadership, service and teamwork, as well as exposing them to the culture of student life. Team Leaders also participate in an eight-week Ignite TEAMS program in the fall, which introduces students to the many walks of campus life.
“I would recommend the SOLD office to anyone,” Parker Loy, sophomore in business and a 2011 Ignite Team Leader, said. “The program offers the unique opportunity to positively impact freshmen before they arrive on campus, as well as allowing the Team Leaders and other SOLD positions to hone their own leadership qualities.”
This is the second year that the SOLD office will seek to recruit Transfer Orientation Assistants. Throughout the year, these student leaders aim to make incoming transfer students comfortable and get them to hit the ground running when they enter the university. Transfer Orientation Assistants serve for three different periods during the year: fall, spring and summer.
The Leadership Guides are a team of students who are committed to learning about leadership and serving the campus community as a peer resource team. The team is responsible for coordinating and presenting leadership programs and services within the Office of Student Orientation and Leadership Development. The Leadership Guides utilize these opportunities to foster leadership and understanding within a diverse student population. The purpose of the Leadership Guides is to educate, train and develop students to become responsible and contributing leaders within the campus community and the greater society.
“We really pride ourselves on the success of the program,” Salinas said. “The majority of students who become Orientation Leaders, Team Leaders and Leadership Guides were inspired by direct contact with one of our leaders in the SOLD office.”
Detailed descriptions for each SOLD office position can be found online at Applications for any SOLD position for the coming school year can also be found and completed online at The deadline to submit applications online is Monday, Oct. 17 at 5 p.m.